Join a Barbeque Party to Support the Walk Now for Autism Speaks.

On August 3, 2014 at 12 pm the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ cluster will host a barbecue party in Core Creek Park, Langhorne, PA 19047 as a support of  Autism Speaks  Philadelphia. The Au Pairs and I are planning a big fundraising event to support the Walk Now for Autism Speaks on that day.
It is also a family Day Conference and an Au Pair meeting. We are going to celebrate birthdays, farewell and welcome parties for a few new Au Pairs: Au Pair Nita from S. Africa,  Au Pair Natalia from Colombia,  Au Pair Ling from China, Au Pair Rachel from S. Korea, Au Pair Andrea from Colombia and others.  autism1
Several months ago Au Pairs from the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ cluster created Au Pair’s committee to raise money and organize the walk. Last month we had the first fundraising event- an Au Pair International Pot-Luck Dinner and we raised $220.IMG_20140629_215409
Everyone is welcome and any food contributions will be appreciated. Au pairs will organize games and crafts for kids and adults. There will be lots of activities and fun things to Autism
 The picnic area is behind the Bucks County Core Creek Dog Park. If you and your family and friends are interested in attending, please contact me. I will provide all the details about the event and the direction to the picnic. There is an entrance fee of $5 for an adult and $3 for a child, which will go towards our fundraising efforts.core Greek Park free
Please also join us on “Walk Now for Autism Speaks” in Philadelphia on November 2, 2014. For more information, check out and join the facebook page for Au Pairs volunteering in the USA.

Natalia Caro, our new Au Pair from Colombia

Even if I posted the last interview only a few days ago, we have way more to publish. July and August are our busy months. After Ana Maria we got another Au Pair from Colombia. Natalia arrived at her host family in Philadelphia this month. Our au pair Karla kindly offered to be her buddy and help Natalia with the first steps as a new member of our cluster. Thanks Karla!

I’m from Bogota, Colombia and 20 years old. I want to share a little bit of my life with you and hope to meet you girls soon.


I came to US as an au pair, because I love to work with kidsand I want to learn more about other cultures.

In my free time I like to go swiming, watching movies and baking.

Get to know Ariana, my host child, was one of the best things in the last few weeks.


Natalia characterizes herself as responsible, grateful and friendly.

Her wish is to be able to speak as many languages as possible.

Natalia 2

Places I want to visit are Los Angeles, CA, Miami,FL and Alaska.

Besides my other hobbies I like to travel, shopping and to study.

During my year as an au pair I hope to learn a lot about kids, american culture and to improving my English.

Given that she’s totally new to this area, I hope she can meet a lot of new people here and have a great year in the US! Welcome to our cluster and see you soon!

Au Pairs cluster traditions.

There are many ways to establish meaningful Au Pairs traditions that become an important part of our cluster’s life.  Some traditions such as welcoming a new Au Pair on facebook, interviewing a new Au Pair, supporting with Au Pairs buddy’s help and other traditions not only help a new Au Pair to adjust quickly, but create a sense of unity and belonging to the cluster as well.Go Au Pair

Another Philadelphia  and NJ cluster tradition is blogging about excellent Au Pairs from the cluster in a way of honoring them for their outstanding work. There are very many Au Pairs from Go Au Pair agency were recognized that Go au Pair was rated #1 agency!Go Au Pair #1

Many Au Pairs from Philadelphia and NJ from Go Au Pair agency were nominated and recognized by their host families. Read a press release Au Pairs in Excellence Nomination- Au Pairs stand out.

Every year  Go Au Pair agency recognized many Au Pairs and traditionally there are many Au Pairs from our cluster who went above and beyond their job as Au Pairs.  This year six families from twenty cluster’s host families nominated their Au Pairs for IAPA’s Au Pair of the Year Award for their excellent work as an Au Pair!  Read Go Au Pair blog about Go Au Pair’s Au Pair in Excellence Winners.aupair excellence

Please read a few posts on the blog about our outstanding Au Pairs

Meet the Au Pairs in Excellency from China
 Au Pair in Excellency from Philadelphia.

Bucks County Au Pairs in Excellence

The Au Pair of the Year.

Thank you to our Au Pairs.

Thank you to all outstanding Au Pairs!

Nita, our new Au Pair from South Africa

It’s a busy summer for us! Many of our au pairs are leaving and we get new ones!
Two weeks ago a new au pair joined our cluster. Nita comes from South Africa and replaced Stephanie, who went home after finishing her year. It’s the second time that I am allowed to be a buddy for a new au pair! I’m excited to help Nita getting to know the new environment and meeting new people. My first buddy “job” was for Rikie from South Africa and it’s great to help new au pairs. We already did a lot together – for example we spent a weekend in D.C. with Monica and Annie, sad that she’s going back home.
But now back to Nita, she answered my question, which I provide every new au pair in our cluster.

 I love being around my friends, without them my life would be quiet and boring. They absolutely fulfill my life with their laughter and crazyniss.

nita (5)

We are always up to something fun and different. I’m from a farm, so love being outside and love being on adventures as well. Where it’s green I want to be.

nita (3)


But just like I love the farm life I love shopping and walking in the malls, go for a movie or just a cup of tee. The people never believe me when I tell them im from a farm. They say im too girly. But a girl needs do doll up right??


I love children, so I see beeing an au pair as a great oppurtunity to work with children.

In my free time I love being with my friends, do horseback riding and riding my bike with friends – doing all kind of trips and races.

nita (4) nita (6)








She descirbes herself as loving , caring and funny.

If she had one wish, it would be to bring back her neffew – she lost him two months ago.

Places she would love to visit are New York City, Vegas, Ireland, Texas. And there are way more she would like to see.

nita (2)

I believe everything happens for a reason, because God has your life all planned out, but there is stuff you can prevent from happening.

I’m good at being myself and doing sports.

I’ve never been to America – this will be a new thing for me. Getting thrown in the deep side, but I am very excited indeed!

I already had the chance to meet Nita – and what should I say. She’s just herself, a sprightly, happy young woman.
Nita, you will have a great year with us! We’re happy to welcome you again in our cluster.

And have fun at your first trip to NYC with the other girls – after the weekend you can tick NYC off your list of places you want to see! ;)

The Au Pair Program in the US and Abroad

The Au Pair program’s requirement varies around the world.

Go Au Pair agency currently sends Au Pairs to the following countries:  AustraliaAustriaChinaFranceGermanyNetherlandsNorwayNew ZealandSouth Africa, and Turkey

For example, German Au Pairs, who are between 18 and 24 years old, single and childless can provide 30 hours of childcare assistance and light housework for their host families each week. Childcare duties may include changing diapers, feeding, bathing, dressing, playing, reading, crafts, transporting between school and home or other outside activities, supervising play, and assisting with their bedtime routine.

German Fans

In addition to childcare, German Au Pairs help with housekeeping. Their household duties may include vacuuming, doing the laundry, preparing simple meals, grocery shopping, ironing, setting the dinner table, cleaning the children’s room and looking after pets.

Host Families in Germany provide their Au Pair with a private room and full board, €260 pocket money per month, 4 weeks vacation per year and health insurance. Au pairs are responsible to pay for their Visa, Airfare to and from Germany, classes and transportation to class

This program is close to Educare Au Pair program in the US. According J-1 Visa exchange visitor program, “EduCare participants are not to work more than 10 hours a day/30 hours a week. They must complete a minimum of 12 semester hours of academic credit, or its equivalent, during their program. Host families provide the first $1,000 to the Au Pair toward the cost of the educational component.” The EduCare weekly stipend is $146.81.

Friendship has wings

As you see that German Au Pairs are supposed to do some housekeeping that is not a requirement for Au Pairs in the USA. Also they earn less money and are supposed to pay for their Visa, their tickets to and from Germany, and  their classes.

Ana Maria, our transition Au Pair from Colombia

It’s time for a new interview!

Ana Maria has already been in the US for 10 months, but she just joined our cluster a few weeks ago as a transition au pair like Yoselin. For her first months she lived in Washington State, now she’s at home in New Jersey. Ana answered my questions to introduced herself to our cluster – like Jenny, Yoselin and Nicole did before.

I decided to come to the US as an au pair, because I think it’s the best way to get in touch with the culture and language of another country.

ana maria_2

She discribes herself as a person with inner strength, patience and loyalty.

In my free time I like to travel, play soccer, exercise or just listen to music. I also enjoy to be together with my family and friends and share the time during a movie, festivals or a nice evening.

One of her biggest wishes is peace for her country.

ana maria

A place, I would love to visit is Paris, France.

I think everything happens for a reason,  YES, because you have to learn something or teach someone, help or being helped. Life is perfect!


Thanks Ana for answering the questions! I had already the chance to meet you and it was a pleasure. I think we’ll have a great time together here in the US. Enjoy your au pair adventure!

Best English Speaking Au Pairs

Every year host parents from al 14 agencies evaluate their au pair’s ability to speak and communicate in English on a 4-point scale: from “Not Satisfied at all”to “Very Satisfied”.

According to survey, “Go Au Pair is the Leader at 90% – Host parents give this mid-size agency EXCELLENT satisfaction Scores.”2014 english highest

Go Au Pair was our leader in 2012, receiving a 90% Satisfaction Rating from their host parents, and proving to be a reliable and consistent provider of Best English Speaking Au Pairs.”

High English level skills are important for a childcare provider. Many Host Families require a high English score because a regular homework help for the kids is essential. Au Pair teashes

All Au Pairs are screened by Go Au Pair international representatives to insure that they are proficient in spoken English. After a personal interview with a representative, a host family examines Au Pairs language skills on the phone or Skype during an interview.

Au Pairs English skills are rated on a scale from 1 to 5.  Most our available Au Pairs are rated a 4 or 5-out-of-5 in English skills. As a Local Area Representative I notice that many our Au Pairs have a degree in English language or consider learning English as their hobby.

Go Au Pair 11

Their English skills become even better by the end of their Au Pair year.  Au Pairs Au Pairs gain invaluable life experience,and also get opportunities learn and practice the English language daily with English speakers. 

Even though, many Au Pairs are looking to polish their English skills because the ability to master and use English professionally can make a big difference in many aspects of their life. By the end of their stay Au Pairs are able to master English skills into strong fluency and many Au Pairs reduce their accent.

It’s time to say goodbye

Ophelia’s Diary.

Tomorrow is time to say goodbye and move forward. I am going to be an Au Pair in Las Vegas, not  in Philadelphia anymore. I am really excited about my new life in Las Vegas but in the meantime I feel so sad I have to say goodbye to everyone here.

Au Pair Ophelia life

First I will miss my host family so much, especially Theo. He made my year. He is always so funny and cute, I will for sure miss him a lot. Good thing is my host family still have help after I leave.

Au Pair and host child

Then I will miss all my friends here so much. I have all these wonderful Au Pair friends from Go Au Pair. We did lots of volunteer work together. I really hope their new project Walk Now Autism Speaks works well.

Au Pair friends

Specially my Local Area Representative (LAR) Polina, I will miss her so much. She really helped me a lot with my blog and my life here. She is just like an angel to me. I will come back to visit everyone here in the future.

Au Pair and LAR

There will be for a few days you can not hear from me. Because before I start to work with my new host family in Las Vegas I will take one week’s vacation first. After everything is settled down in Las Vegas for me, I will come back and share more of my Au Pair stories with you!

Goodbye Philadelphia

Goodbye, I will miss all of you so much!

Read more stories from Ophelia’s Diary.

Au Pairs from Philadelphia and Bucks County.

 Go Au Pair cluster in Philadelphia and Bucks County has many host families who are very happy with their Au Pairs and the Au Pair childcare. The  families bond with their Au Pairs and develop long-term friendships through the Au Pair program. Many families who were looking for quality and flexible childcare  found a trustworthy childcare and lifelong friends.

Go Au Pair team volunteered in Philadelphia

I would like you to meet a few outstanding Au Pairs from the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ area Go Au Pair cluster and learn firsthand about this wonderful program.

Meet Au Pair from Colombia MonicaAu Pairs birthday

Meet Au Pair from Germany Cosima.Au Pair from Germany2

Meet Au Pair from Ukraine AleksandraAu Pair UkraineMeet a new Au Pair from South Africa Rikie. Au Pair from Bucks County3

To learn more about the program, please read Au Pair Mom Diary and learn from a life-changing experience of the family who was looking for quality and flexible childcare.



Yoselin, our transition Au Pair from El Salvador

Now my Au Pair mission goes on with a new interview.
Around six weeks ago a new Au Pair joined our cluster. Her name is Yoselin and she’s a transition Au Pair, who moved from the New Jersey cluster. Like all new Au Pairs in our cluster, she answered me some questions about herself and her life as an Au Pair in the States.


I decided to be an Au Pair to have an international experience. Since that makes you grow as an individual. You can enjoy the time with the kids paricipating their activities and still explore a lot in the US.

She loves singing, reading, shopping, doing sports like swimming and going to the gym. Additionally she likes to spend time with friends.

My best experience during the last months was my move to my new host family in Pennsylvania.


Yoselin characterizes herself as patient, friendly and tolerant.

A big wish of her is getting a degree in Canada.

In my free time I like to travel. Some places, I want to go are some other states in the US, e.g. Washington and California. I’ve already been to Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.


Things, I think I’m really good at are singing and languages.

From the time as an Au Pair here in the United States, I expect to have a lot of fun, make good memories and study. Furthermore I would like to  make new friends and to visit more unknown places – especially now in my new cluster around Philadelphia.

Yoselin, I wish you a great time at your new family and say again: Welcome to our cluster in Philadelphia! Have a great time!


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