Japanese festival with Au Pair friends

Ophelia’s Diary.

My host family lives very close to the Cherry Blossom festival location. I rode my bike early and spent a great time before an Au Pair meeting. Sakura SundayAround 12:00 pm my Local Area Representative Polina and some Au Pairs from Philadelphia , Bucks County and NJ came to the Sakura Sunday event. We were so glad to see each other. Au Pair friends

When we Au Pairs get together we always have so much to say that we can’t get it all out. I am just so happy to meet my dear Au Pair friends and Polina.Sakura Sunday

We took cute pictures together with cosplay girls.Au Pairs Philadelphia

After a quick lunch, we went to see Prettiest Pet in Pink Parade. There were a lot homeless dogs there were waiting for being adopted, I hope this festival can help them find a home soon.

Sakura Sunday

Then we enjoyed cosplay girls and guy sang Japanese songs. It’s full of power in their voices. After the singing, we enjoyed a great Cosplay Fashion Show. Au Pair friends

It was my first time seeing a show like this.

Summer Blackhurst, the Go Au Pair blog’s author, in her post Childcare and Cultural Exchange talks about cultural exchange and cultural immersion that broaden kids horizons and teaches about another culture lives.Au Pairs Bucks County, NJ, Philly  

The Au Pair program brings the cultural exchange to all Au Pairs and Host Families. I really like Japanese festival at Fairmount park. So far, I attended all the Au Pair activities and I like all of them!

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Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival

Ophelia’s Diary.

I haven’t seen my dear Au Pair friends for a while, It was so great meeting a lot Au Pairs from Go Au Pair during a fabulous Japanese blossom festival.

 Au Pair Ophelia Sakura sunday

As my home is very close to the festival place, I biked there early before other Au Pairs came.Sakura Sunday

I went to the Calligraphy & Crafts section learnt writing Japanese characters. Here is Theo’s name both in Japanese and Chinese.Theo name in Japanese

The left one is in Japanese, the right one is in Chinese. I had my Chinese name at the right side.Then I learnt playing Japanese chess GO.Sakura Sunday


After that I enjoyed a Martial Arts. I only saw this on TV before, so glad I can see it in person today.Sakura Sunday Au Pairs

After the Martial Arts, I saw a music show at the main states.

Even though China is not very far from Japan, when I was in China I didn’t really get a chance to know a lot Japanese culture.music Sakura Sunday Au Pairs

Later my Local Area Representative Polina and some of my Au Pair friends came, we explored even more fun things together. I just can’t wait to share all of them with you!

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Cherry Blossoms as Living Symbols of Friendship.

The Au Pair program and Au Pairs meetings help learn about other cultures. We celebrated  Chinese New Year, Brazilian festival, learned about African culture and Modern Soul Food  at  African American Museum in Philadelphia, and participated in many other Au Pairs cultural events. 100_1326

Au Pairs from Philadelphia cluster came from many different countries. During the Au Pair meeting,  they can meet  Chinese Au PairsColombian Au PairsSalvadorian Au PairEcuadorian Au Pair,  South African Au PairsMexican Au PairUkrainian Au Pair, German Au Pairs and Au Pairs from many other countries.aupairs cherry blossom event

This year I planned to spend Sakura Sunday with host families and Au Pairs together and learn about Japanese culture. Read  Cherry Trees For International Friendship story. “It was in this spirit that the Japanese Government gave 1,600 flowering trees including cherry trees to Philadelphia in 1926 in honor of the 150th anniversary of American Independence.  In 1998, The Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia continued this legacy and began a ten-year, 1,000 tree planting campaign, which was completed in 2007. “

As the national flower of Japan, cherry blossoms are sometimes given to other people as a symbol of friendship.event  Sakura Sunday

Please join us on April 13, 2014, at 12.00 pm,  for a Family Day Conference, Sakura Sunday, at Fairmount Park

Friendship Au Pair

The Family Day Conference for Go Au Pair’s Host Families is a Go Au Pair’s cluster annual cultural event.  The Family Day event is an opportunity for the host families and Au Pairs from around the world  to learn about other cultures. It is a great occasion to learn about the Au Pair program.  It is an opportunity to take in the breath-taking beauty of the blossoms and spend a beautiful day in the park.s.

flower of Japan, cherry blossoms

It is a chance to  meet new people, mix, mingle and forge new friendship There are a lot of cherry blossoms to give to others as a symbol of friendship.

Meet the Au Pair from Ukraine Aleksandra

Aleksandra joined the Go Au Pair cluster in the Philadelphia and NJ area after spending a few months in the Chicago area. Now she lives in NJ with her lovely host family and 5-year-old boy.
Aleksandra is 19 years old, and she is from Donetsk, Ukraine.  Her short name is Sasha. Sasha finished a vocational College and became a Cook/Baker. Sasha worked one summer in the children camp in Ukraine and cooked for kids.1958081_512809772169488_1856743925_n
Meet the Ukrainian Au Pair Aleksandra- three adjectives that describe Sasha are cheerful, purposeful and friendly.
Au Pair from Ukraine
Hi, My name is Alexandra, I want to be an Au Pair because I love children, I like to help them develop and learn new things.  I love an active way of life, I enjoy riding a bike and roller skating. I am interested in music, cinema and photography.Au Pair Ukraine
My greatest wish is to see the whole world, study the culture of the people, and learn various ancient architecture.
Au Pair Go Au Pair
What was the best event/happening during last month?
The best thing that happened to me last month was that I saw New York city. This was the first time I was visiting New York. It was unforgettable.
Au Pairs Go Au Pair volunteering
What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday?
My favorite place to go is the park when the weather is nice. If it’s a rainy weather, I prefer to sit with a cup of hot tea.

Au Pairs Are Going to Visit Japan Without Leaving Philadelphia

If you visit the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival of Greater Philadelphia in April, you will find a small piece of Japan in Philly. Au Pair’s cultural event  in April 2014, is a Sakura Sunday at Fairmount Park.

Au Pairs event -Sakura SundaySakura Sunday is part of Cherry Blossom Festival. Au Pairs can experience this charming festival of Japanese music, art, food, and culture without leaving Philadelphia.Au Pairs event,  Sakura Sunday

We are going to celebrate the return of  Spring and beautiful blossom of cherry trees with live musical and dance performances, crafts such as origami and calligraphy and other entertainments and taste amazing food.
Au Pairs event  Sakura Sunday

Also, Sakura Sunday held at Fairmount Park’s Horticulture Center, which is home to hundreds of blooming cherry trees  and a few trees  date back to 1926! It is so beautiful place to be.cherry blossom-festival-philadelphia

There are so many interesting events such as

Please join us on April 13, 2014, at 12.00 pm,  for a Family Day Conference, Sakura Sunday, at  Fairmount Park.  If you want to learn about the Au Pair program  and meet the Au Pairs from around the world and host families, you should be there. 



Au Pairs volunteering in Newtown, Bucks County.

National Volunteer Week is coming up – April 6 to 12 – and we are going to celebrate it… by volunteering again.

Yes, we are going to volunteer once again. The Au Pairs love to volunteer very much and asked me to volunteer again. Since not everyone had this opportunity, I added an additional meeting and we will volunteer on May 4, 2014, at Welcome Day Arts Festival, in Newtown PA.IMG_20131117_102357 (2)

National Volunteer Week is a time to celebrate people doing extraordinary things and I would like to recognize outstanding Au Pairs volunteers in your cluster

Annie Santelices, an Au Pair from Mexico.
Monica Hinestroza, Joana Munarand, and Elena Bautista- Au Pairs from Colombia
Adriana Zhang, Hui Han, Jacqueline Ji, Ophelia He, and  Diana Zhu, the Au Pairs from China
Karla Hernandez, an Au Pair from El Salvador
Cherry Grace Arthur, an Au Pair from South AfricaGo Au Pair team volunteered in Philadelphia

These Au Pairs volunteered at the Philadelphia Marathon for  the American Cancer Society and the Philadelphia Flower Show . Au Pairs had a lot of fun working as the Go Au Pair team. It was a rich cultural exchange experience for Au Pairs and they helped a community.Volunteer AuPair Philadelphia

“Consciously or unconsciously, every one of us does render some service or other. If we cultivate the habit of doing this service deliberately, our desire for service will steadily grow stronger, and will make, not only our own happiness, but that of the world at large.”- Mahatma Gandhi

Many Au Pairs are very enthusiastic and motivated to serve others. The first step is around the corner. Join other volunteers at the art festival, use your time, talent, skills and voice to create community change.  Become a volunteer!

How to fill an Au Pair’s income tax?

Ophelia’s Diary.

I just finished my Au Pair income taxes. At first, I felt it was so hard to fill out the tax form, but as I already got it done it’s super easy now. So I would like to share my experience with other Au Pairs.Au pair Ophelia in class

Then you won’t have problems with you tax return!Au Pair taxes

First calculate how much stipend you made during 2013. If you earned more than $3900, you need to pay taxes. A 1040NR-­EZ form need to be submitted before April 15, 2014. You don’t need a W­ 2 form from your host family.


Here is a link that will tell you how to fill out your 1040NR­-EZ tax form step by step.

After you finish the form, print it out, sign your name and date. You can put a payment together with the tax form in an envelope then mail it. Or you can choose pay it online. I mailed the payment with my tax form. You can find the mail address on the third page of 1040NR­-EZ form instructions. When you mail it, make sure you get a Certified Mail Receipt, it will be a proof shows that you do mail your taxes form before April 15, 2014.Au Pair

Good luck with your tax return!

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The Impression of Washington DC

Ophelia’s Diary.

I had two days tour to Washington DC with Cultural Hi-Ways as a part of my class/trip with the Au Pair program. The first day my Au Pairs friends and I visited the World War ⅡMemorial, the Vietnam Wall, Lincoln Memorial, Korean Memorial and saw the Capitol Building and White House.aupairs

Washington DC offered us so many great things to see. This was my first time attended a group tour. As an Au Pair in America, I can always have so much great experience.

aupair from Go Au Pair

This makes me super happy.aupair from Go Au Pair

On Saturday afternoon, we visited a lot places. But my favorite was World War Ⅱ Memorial. I was impressed by the great design. I found the two columns with Alaska and Hawaii on it.

aupair from Go Au Pair
This reminded me the good memories I had in Alaska and Hawaii with my host family.IMG_5280

The next day, we spent most of the time at the Smithsonian Institution.aupair from Go Au Pair

Jackie, Adriana and I visited a lot museums together. The Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum are our favorite.aupair from Go Au Pair We saw so many high­tech products at the Air and Space Museum.aupair from Go Au Pair

The natural History Museum offered us an indoor zoo!

We had to leave DC at Sunday afternoon. This was so sad, but we are planing come back one day!

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Au Pair’s trip to Washington DC

Ophelia’s Diary.

I took the Washington DC Educational Trip class  for the Au Pairs which included three classes and a tour. The final project for the class was designing your own Monument and then we had the tour to Washington DC with Cultural Hi-Ways. I just came back from a two days trip to Washington DC and look forward to sharing about the trip.

Au Pair Philadelphia

I met a lot Au Pairs from different countries, which was so awesome!Au Pair from Go Au pair

There are so many great things to seen DC, two days just too short for us. All my Au Pair friends love DC so much, we don’t want to come back at all.


On Saturday afternoon, we visited the World War ⅡMemorial, the Vietnam Wall, Lincoln Memorial, Korean Memorial.

Au Pair from Go Au pair

Also, we took a lot pictures at the Capitol Building and White House.aupairs

I always seeing these famous places in TV show.IMG_5268

I am so glad I could see them in person now.Au Pair from Go Au pair

My Au pairs friends and I were just so happy.

Au Pairs from Go Au pair

As we already learnt the history about DC in our class, it helped us enjoy this tour a lot.Au Pair from Go Au pair
On Sunday, we visit Arlington National Cemetery, the Smithsonian Institution.Au Pairs from Go Au pair

I just can’t wait to share more details with you!

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Meet the Au Pair from Germany Cosima.

Cosima joined our Go Au Pair cluster recently. She is very mature for being 19 and adjusted to the Au Pair life in America very fast. Cosima started driving next day after her arriving and already made many friends. Cosima is very active, she explored many places in Bucks County where she lives, Cosima even enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Philadelphia with other Au Pairs.


Cosima will be a Buddy for a new Au Pair from South Africa – Rikie.  They are both 19 years old, love sport and live in Doylestown. Cosima is very excited to be Buddies with Rikie.

Au Pair from Germany 5

Meet the German Au Pair Cosima. Here are three adjectives that best describe her:  strong-minded, reliable, and calm.Au Pair from Germany 1

I’m Cosi from Germany, 19 years old, living in a lovely German-American Family with 3 kids in Doylestown.Au Pair from Bucks County

I came to the US to work with kids and to explore the country and culture.I love to play soccer and tennis or go to the gym.

Au Pair from Germany2

Besides sports, I like to be with friends and family.

Aupair from Bucks CountyHere in the US I would like to meet other people, especially during the weekend, to join me in visiting some events or other cities like NY or Washington D.C.

Au Pair from  Bucks County

or just to have fun together.

Au Pair from Germany3

What was the best event/happening during last month?
It was my arrival at the Philadelphia airport, where my whole host family picked me up with some sheets of paper the kids made for me.

Thank you for offering help to Rikie!

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