Au Pairs cluster traditions.

There are many ways to establish meaningful Au Pairs traditions that become an important part of our cluster’s life.  Some traditions such as welcoming a new Au Pair on facebook, interviewing a new Au Pair, supporting with Au Pairs buddy’s help and other traditions not only help a new Au Pair to adjust quickly, but create a sense of unity and belonging to the cluster as well.Go Au Pair

Another Philadelphia  and NJ cluster tradition is blogging about excellent Au Pairs from the cluster in a way of honoring them for their outstanding work. There are very many Au Pairs from Go Au Pair agency were recognized that Go au Pair was rated #1 agency!Go Au Pair #1

Many Au Pairs from Philadelphia and NJ from Go Au Pair agency were nominated and recognized by their host families. Read a press release Au Pairs in Excellence Nomination- Au Pairs stand out.

Every year  Go Au Pair agency recognized many Au Pairs and traditionally there are many Au Pairs from our cluster who went above and beyond their job as Au Pairs.  This year six families from twenty cluster’s host families nominated their Au Pairs for IAPA’s Au Pair of the Year Award for their excellent work as an Au Pair!  Read Go Au Pair blog about Go Au Pair’s Au Pair in Excellence Winners.aupair excellence

Please read a few posts on the blog about our outstanding Au Pairs

Meet the Au Pairs in Excellency from China
 Au Pair in Excellency from Philadelphia.

Bucks County Au Pairs in Excellence

The Au Pair of the Year.

Thank you to our Au Pairs.

Thank you to all outstanding Au Pairs!

The Au Pair Program in the US and Abroad

The Au Pair program’s requirement varies around the world.

Go Au Pair agency currently sends Au Pairs to the following countries:  AustraliaAustriaChinaFranceGermanyNetherlandsNorwayNew ZealandSouth Africa, and Turkey

For example, German Au Pairs, who are between 18 and 24 years old, single and childless can provide 30 hours of childcare assistance and light housework for their host families each week. Childcare duties may include changing diapers, feeding, bathing, dressing, playing, reading, crafts, transporting between school and home or other outside activities, supervising play, and assisting with their bedtime routine.

German Fans

In addition to childcare, German Au Pairs help with housekeeping. Their household duties may include vacuuming, doing the laundry, preparing simple meals, grocery shopping, ironing, setting the dinner table, cleaning the children’s room and looking after pets.

Host Families in Germany provide their Au Pair with a private room and full board, €260 pocket money per month, 4 weeks vacation per year and health insurance. Au pairs are responsible to pay for their Visa, Airfare to and from Germany, classes and transportation to class

This program is close to Educare Au Pair program in the US. According J-1 Visa exchange visitor program, “EduCare participants are not to work more than 10 hours a day/30 hours a week. They must complete a minimum of 12 semester hours of academic credit, or its equivalent, during their program. Host families provide the first $1,000 to the Au Pair toward the cost of the educational component.” The EduCare weekly stipend is $146.81.

Friendship has wings

As you see that German Au Pairs are supposed to do some housekeeping that is not a requirement for Au Pairs in the USA. Also they earn less money and are supposed to pay for their Visa, their tickets to and from Germany, and  their classes.

Best English Speaking Au Pairs

Every year host parents from al 14 agencies evaluate their au pair’s ability to speak and communicate in English on a 4-point scale: from “Not Satisfied at all”to “Very Satisfied”.

According to survey, “Go Au Pair is the Leader at 90% – Host parents give this mid-size agency EXCELLENT satisfaction Scores.”2014 english highest

Go Au Pair was our leader in 2012, receiving a 90% Satisfaction Rating from their host parents, and proving to be a reliable and consistent provider of Best English Speaking Au Pairs.”

High English level skills are important for a childcare provider. Many Host Families require a high English score because a regular homework help for the kids is essential. Au Pair teashes

All Au Pairs are screened by Go Au Pair international representatives to insure that they are proficient in spoken English. After a personal interview with a representative, a host family examines Au Pairs language skills on the phone or Skype during an interview.

Au Pairs English skills are rated on a scale from 1 to 5.  Most our available Au Pairs are rated a 4 or 5-out-of-5 in English skills. As a Local Area Representative I notice that many our Au Pairs have a degree in English language or consider learning English as their hobby.

Go Au Pair 11

Their English skills become even better by the end of their Au Pair year.  Au Pairs Au Pairs gain invaluable life experience,and also get opportunities learn and practice the English language daily with English speakers. 

Even though, many Au Pairs are looking to polish their English skills because the ability to master and use English professionally can make a big difference in many aspects of their life. By the end of their stay Au Pairs are able to master English skills into strong fluency and many Au Pairs reduce their accent.

Au Pairs from Philadelphia and Bucks County.

 Go Au Pair cluster in Philadelphia and Bucks County has many host families who are very happy with their Au Pairs and the Au Pair childcare. The  families bond with their Au Pairs and develop long-term friendships through the Au Pair program. Many families who were looking for quality and flexible childcare  found a trustworthy childcare and lifelong friends.

Go Au Pair team volunteered in Philadelphia

I would like you to meet a few outstanding Au Pairs from the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ area Go Au Pair cluster and learn firsthand about this wonderful program.

Meet Au Pair from Colombia MonicaAu Pairs birthday

Meet Au Pair from Germany Cosima.Au Pair from Germany2

Meet Au Pair from Ukraine AleksandraAu Pair UkraineMeet a new Au Pair from South Africa Rikie. Au Pair from Bucks County3

To learn more about the program, please read Au Pair Mom Diary and learn from a life-changing experience of the family who was looking for quality and flexible childcare.



Au Pair event to raise funds for Walk Now Autism Speaks

Au Pairs from the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ cluster created a committee and a special page Au Pairs volunteering in the USA on facebook to organize and raise money for Walk Now Autism Speaks. The very first fundraising event- an Au Pair International Pot-Luck Dinner and a wrap-around event to raise funds for the walk -will be on Sunday, June 29, 2014, in Ardmore, PA. autism

The Committee planed an Auction to support the Walk Now for Autism Speaks after the International Dinner.  Au Pairs will donate some items for the Auction. Items will be wrapped or hidden in gift bags. The Au Pair Annie from Mexico will be an auctioneer and conduct the auction. The  committee hopes we raise a lot of money and have fun.


Many host families emailed that they would love to participate. The Au Pairs may ask their host families for help.

Also, one Au Pair suggested doing an Au Pair clothing market. Some Au Pairs may donate clothes and some Au Pairs  may buy them and this money will go to fundraising.

Go Au Pair team volunteered in Philadelphia

We will also wear a lovely Au Pair T-shirts and take many photos for our memories and to participate in the Go Au Pairs contest.

After the auction, Au Pairs will have something special in their bags in return for their kindness and generosity. What they will get at the auction will be like a present since their money will go to the sick kids. Many Au Pairs are leaving the cluster,  so it will be a nice memory to take with them.  Au pairs-standing-in-line

Au Pairs from other agencies or Go Au Pair clusters are welcome. Please, join the Go Au Pair team in fundraising for ”Walk Now for Autism Speaks.”

Pair with the Go Au Pair Team in Walk Now for Autism Speaks

Please pair with the Go Au Pair team in”Walk Now for Autism Speaks” to change the future of the kids with Autism.

 There are two ways to pair:  walk on and raise money.Autism walk with Go Au Pair

 There are no registration fees, please encourage your friends and family for support.

Au Pairs from the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ cluster created a committee to organize the walk and raise Autism

All the gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law. Autism Speaks is a registered 501(c)3 organization.  Our tax ID number is 20-2329938.walk for autism

According to CBS news , Autism rates rise 30 percent in two-year span. We would like to raise awareness about the increasing prevalence of autism and the necessity to combat this complex disorder.The Au pairs will walk  to change the future for all who struggle with autism.autism and au pair

Please pair with Go Au Pair team and join “Walk Now for Autism Speaks”

Meet the Au Pairs in Excellency from China

“Summertime is a big time for Au Pair farewells.  Host Families often schedule their transitions in the summer to leave room for training new Au Pairs during the summer vacation,” said Summer in her post” Time to Say Goodbye

A few Au Pairs had a farewell party in Newtown, Bucks County, PA last week and are about to go.Thank you to our Au Pairs.

I would like to write today about four Au Pairs in Excellency from China before they leave the cluster.  Thank you for being great Au Pairs, Au Pairs in Excellency, girls!

Many Host Families from  Go Au Pair cluster in Philadelphia , NJ and Bucks County nominated their outstanding Au Pairs for the IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award in 2014. There were four Au Pairs from China.

Meet Au Pair in Excellency from Philadelphia Ophelia.Thei Ist bday

The Au Pair Ophelia lives in Philadelphia, she is having a very successful year with her young host parents that are almost the same age. Ophelia loves her host child very much, she said, “my little boyfriend Theo“. Please read Ophelia Diary. Ophelia’s family wrote,  “We cannot express how grateful we are to have her with us”.

Meet Au Pair in Excellency from NJ Diana.Au Pair from China

The Au Pair Diana lives in NJ with a wonderful host family and two adorable boys.  Her family says,“There is not a day that goes by that we are not thankful for Diana.  She has endured a lot with our family.”

Meet Au Pair in Excellence from Yardley, Bucks County, HuiAu Pair Hui

 The Au Pair Hui lives in Yardley, Bucks County.  She had a challenging task to join the host family with two kids who recently lost their mom. Her family says, “Having Hui there for them and helping out on their Chinese assignments was a source of stability in our household.”Au pair Newtown Bucks County

Meet Au Pair in Excellence from Newtown, Bucks County, Adriana.

The Au Pair Adriana lives in Newtown, Bucks County, and she is taking care of four children under the age of six. Her family says, ““Adriana has been a tremendous asset to our family. She is hard working and has a wonderful attitude and work ethic.”

The Au Pair from Bucks County Adriana

Adriana Zhang, the Au Pair from Newtown, Bucks County is about to finish her first Au Pair year. She is  a 2014 Au Pair in Excellence Nominee. Adriana and other Au Pair from Bucks County get noticed for their help to a community.Au pairs in the Philadelphia Flowe Show

Adriana is an Au Pair from China, she lives with a family in  Bucks County, and she is taking care of four children under the age of six. Adriana’s host family appreciates her help. Adriana’s host mom wrote about her: “Adriana has been a tremendous asset to our family. She is hard working and has a wonderful attitude and work ethic. “

Aupair frpm China at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Adriana said about her child care experience: “Every day I prepare the food for kids, feed them and give kids classes.  I help them take a bath, do homework, read a story, sing a song and pray with them.  We have a lot of activities: play outside, do some crafts, and decorate our house before the holidays.  I teach kids Chinese song, Chinese poem and Mandarin. I have a lot of fun with my host kids.”

Peddler's villlage with Adriana's hostAdriana is very thankful to Go Au Pair, she said in her review ,”There are many beautiful memories in my life. I love my au pair life here. Thank you Go Au Pair!”

 Au Pairs volunteers
“I’m so glad I have this chance to know more about west culture. I have a lot of fun and got a lot of childcare experiences during my au pair life.” Au pair party

Adriana is very active,  she is always the first to volunteer and help new Au Pairs . She volunteered at church and helped people learn English. Adriana made a lot of friends and got a new family. Her host kids will always remember her.

Adriana left a lot of great memories too. This weekend her host family throws a farewell party for Adriana. We will miss you, Adriana.

400 posts!

This is my 400th post on the Philadelphia and NJ area Go Au Pairs Blog since the 300 post seven months ago. The first post of “What is Au Pair” was September 2010, almost four years ago.
400 posts

Many posts on this blog were written by other bloggers Ophelia and Cosima, and also by the blog  guests: Au Pairs and Host Families from Philadelphia and NJ cluster from Go Au Pair and other people. Thank you for posting with me!
You can read Ophelia Diary about an Au Pair life in Philadelphia and many trips she took, and enjoy many photos and videos.Au Pair Ophelia life Cosima from Germany, who is now an Au Pair in Bucks County,  started a new project that call Au Pair Mission.  Cosima plans to introduce newly arrived au pairs and blog about her Au Pair life. Cosima is a member of the Committee of the Go Au Pair team “Walk Now for Autism Speaks” and she will also post about the committee plans for the future.IMG_0042[1] The committee  includes MonicaRikie and other members as well who are working on fundraising and organizing the Go Au Pair team. The Au Pairs are going to join Walk Now for Autism Speaks on November 2, 2014 at the Citizens Bank Park of Philly. Autism walk with Go Au Pair Go Blue! Please walk with us on November 2, 2014 to change the future of the kids with Autism!autism and aupair
This blog has been read in 129 countries and has been visited almost 70 thousand times. There are more than 850 comments. Please, keep the comments coming, I love them!Keep Calm and Blog On
I hope that Host Families, Au Pairs and my readers enjoy reading this blog. Thanks so much for stopping at my blog and you are welcome anytime.

The Au Pair program opens the world.

Could you imagine leaving your country in your early 20 for the first time and flying to a different continent without any support, without knowing that there are people who will assist you?

The Au Pair program opens the world. Many young people are grateful for an opportunity to be an Au Pair  and explore the world. There are many interesting place to explore even around their area when Au Pairs attend Go Au Pair cluster meetings.IMG_9025

2013 year was a great year for the Au Pair Ophelia He from China. She has accomplished a lot thanks to the Au Pair program, her host family in Philadelphia and Go Au Pair agency.

On July 8, 2013  Ophelia arrived to New York! This was the first flight in her life and a long one-a whopping 20 hours.New York workshop

After the New York Workshop, where she met Au Pair Sis and a lot Au Pairs from around the world, Ophelia started her wonderful Au Pair life in Philadelphia.Au Paiirs goaupair

Since her arrival, Ophelia has had so many good memories together with her friends and her host family, many of which have been memorialized  in Ophelia diary.

The Au Pair program opens the world for Ophelia. She has already explored many interesting places in Philadelphia and outside  during her vacation time. Ophelia volunteered at the Philadelphia Marathon, traveled to Atlantic City, spent Thanksgiving in Houston, visited a new host family in Las Vegas, celebrated her first Christmas in Alaska and Chinese New Year in Philadelphia,  and even hiked in Hawaii.

Ophelia has many plans for the future and is grateful for the Au Pair program granting her the opportunity to explore the world.  I think that it has been a great experience for Ophelia’s host family as well.  The family nominated Ophelia Host Family for the IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award in 2014. Read a press release Au Pairs in Excellence Nomination- Au Pairs stand out.
iapa logo

From Ophelia’s Diary page you can read all entries about her Au Pair journey. Happy reading!

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