A photo contest for Au Pairs.

On Saturday, December 14, 2013 is our annual Christmas party at Peddlers Village, Lahaska, Bucks County, PA.  Take as many photos as you can during the party for the photo contest for Au Pairs.  Any funny photos from the party or a photo of having fun with other Au Pairs will be great for this contest.You need to send me a photo by email pkravets@goaupair.com before December 20, 2013 with a description.au pair contest

This competition runs from December 15 to December 30, 2013 at 11:59 EST.


  • One photo from the Au Pair’s Holiday party or a photo of having fun with other Au Pairs.
  • Open to Au Pairs only
  • All Federal, State, Local, and Municipal laws and regulations apply
  • No purchase or payment is necessary

Submission Deadline: December 19, 2013, midnight.
The winners will be selected by the readers of my blog.
Prize: The top 3 winners will receive a $25, $15, and $10 Gift Certificates
December 19, 2013 all photos must be received no later than midnight.
The top 8 photos will be posted to this website and entrants will be notified.
From December 20, 2013 to December 30, 2013 Vote for your favorite photo
December 30, 2013 All votes must be submitted by midnight.
January 1, 2014 The votes will be tabulated, and the winners contacted.

Be creative. Good Luck.aupairs fun contest

Meeting with the Director of Chinese Au Pair Center

Ophelia’s Diary.
I have been an Au Pair in the US about four months. During this time, I keep on contacting with my Au Pair agent in China.
Ophelia au pair from China
I shared a lot of stories about my Au Pair life here. My Chinese agent likes my Au Pair Diary a lot. They even sent an award to my family! My parents are so glad.Chinese Au Pair

Recently the Director of Chinese Au Pair Center came to Philadelphia visit me. Honor letter

She brought this recommendation letter to me.Chinese Au Pair's letter

Here are a few sentences from Recommendation Letter.“As an aupair in the United States of America now, Ophelia performs her responsibilities in a serious way. She earns a good credit from her host family with her caring, patient, and earnest attitude.”
I am so surprised and excited. Thanks Go Au Pair and my Chinese Au Pair agent a lot.
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Au Pair’s wonderful Thanksgiving in Houston

Ophelia’s Diary.

As an Au Pair, I have one week’s vacation during Thanksgiving.
My friends in Houston invited me to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. The Peters is a big family with four kids. I knew them in China. This family is very nice, they helped me adapted my Au Pair life in Philadelphia a lot.

Au Pair Ophelia in Huoston

This was my first Thanksgiving. I was so excited about it. We had a very big meal. First time I saw how turkey was cooked.Au Pair Ophelia in Huoston 4

Just pies, we had five! Au Pair Ophelia in Huoston 3

During the dinner, we talked a lot. They asked me a lot interesting questions about my Au Pair life and Chinese culture.
Au Pair Ophelia in Huoston 1

Also, I went to entertainment places with kids.

I love these four kids so much, they bring endless happiness to my life.

Au Pair Ophelia in Huoston 2

We played pool, bowling, mini golf together. We went biking and exploring a wetland too.Au Pair Ophelia in Huoston with kids
They youngest one is so cute, he always said,” I love you, Ophelia. Would you like to sleep with me tonight?” He is just three years old!
Au Pair Ophelia in Huoston 5

Can you imagine that I met a Chinese friend in Houston who is also an Au Pair. We used to go to the same college and the same church. We were so glad to meet each other. Even though we just had a very short time to get together, we really appreciated it.Au Pair Ophelia in Huoston with friend

There were so many people I need to thank during this special holiday.

Thank the Peters family who invited me to Houston; thank Go Au Pair and my host family help me have a great life experience in the US; thank my family in China suppose me being an Au Pair. Of course, I should never forget thank God who gives me this wonderful life!

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A small child with a big smile!

Ophelia’s Diary.

I am happy with my Au Pair life in Philadelphia all the time because I have a very nice host family from Alaska, a reliable agency Go Au Pair, a loving Local Area Representative (LAR )- Polina and a bunch of Au Pair friends.Au Pair from China with her host child

However, the most interesting part of my life is playing with my host baby Theo.Host child Theo playing

Theo is a small child with a big smile!  His big smile always keeps me away from bore and sadness. With Theo, anyone will be happy all the time.Host child Theo smiling

Grandma loves Theo so much. She wants to see Theo’s big smile every day.  But she lives in Alaska. Then we skype with grandma everyday. Both Theo and I love skyping with grandma very much. We feel that she is with us all the time. This Sunday grandma is coming to visit us, we are so excited about her visit!

Host child Theo

I am sure that Theo will show his biggest smile to grandma when he sees her in person.Host child Theo outside

A Family Day Conference.

Please enjoy the post written by an Au Pair from Go Au Pair, from the Philadelphia cluster, Adriana Zhang. Thank you for sharing with us, Adriana.

Hi everyone. I’m Adriana, and I came from China. This is my first time to write on the blog about my au pair life. I think this is my fourth au pairs meeting. But this time it was really different than others. Because this time host families joined us. So I met other au pairs’ host families.Adriana au pair from China

Their kids were so cute. They played together, and had fun. We are really a big group. And also we have 6 au pairs from China. And we were happy to meet each other. We talked about our work, our school, and also we took pictures together. We wanted to keep the memory for this special time.IMG_20131013_133550

We met each other at Rat’s restaurant of Grounds for Sculpture Park. Our Local Area Representative—Polina was really nice, she prepared some gifts for everyone. Thank her so much.chinese Au Pairs

That’s really a beautiful park. There were so many different sculptures, and we took pictures. Also, the park had a special music event and had some people who wore special clothes and sang in the park. That song was beautiful.

au pairs in NJ

And then we had the lunch together. I had fun with au pairs’ family. They are really nice and enthusiastic. It is an opportunity to share the experience and get to know each other better, gain cultural and social experience and make new friends from a different culture. And I also met some new friends.


On November 17, 2013  many Au Pairs from the Philadelphia and NJ area and I are going to volunteer for the Philadelphia Marathon for  the American Cancer Society and raise funds to create a world with more birthdays and less cancer!

Philadelphia Marathon

I hope to see them again at November’s Marathon. Come join us. See you there.

Harvest America -Christian Music Concert

Ophelia’s Diary.

Au Pair at the concert

I have a lot of good Au Pair friends in Philadelphia. In the meantime, I am trying to make more friends besides Au Pairs. Indeed, I already made some nice friends in the church. And my church friends invited me to the Christian music concert, I was so excited. This made my Au Pair life even more colorful!Au Pair in the concert

This was my first time to attend such a big and awesome music festival. Over 27,000 people attended this Harvest America Crusade at Wells Fargo’s center in Philadelphia. I always love worship songs a lot. Finally, I got this chance to the music concert.

As in China, the public religion activities are forbidden.  If I am not an Au Pair in here, I am afraid I can never get a chance like this to feel the religion culture here.

AuPair at the concert

In China, only small home church is acceptable by the government.  So I only attended an International church for one time in my home country. We have no Chinese church at all. But now, I can go to Chinese church often on Sunday. Truly, I felt the cultural difference. And this is the meaning of Cultural Exchange.Au Pairs at the concertRead more stories from Ophelia’s Diary.

Au Pair ‘s preparation to the arrival.

Adjusting to a new culture and new life can be difficult for many Au Pairs.  A new Au Pair from Colombia, Monica adjusted to Au Pair life in the USA very quickly. Recently Monica shared on Go Au Pair blog her experience of preparing for her Au Pair journey.

Monica, who is the Au Pair in Philadelphia, said that it is very important to research the area and find a lot of interesting places to visit. Monica also watched many of the Au Pair Experiences videos before her arrival to the US.Au Pair Philadelphia Monica

When she was in Colombia, Monica asked her Host Family to send her a lot of pictures of their family, their home and the area. When Monica arrived to the US, she said that she already felt at home.


I also invited Monica to join Go Au Pair Philadelphia closed cluster group on Facebook before her arrival. Monica made many friends with the Au Pairs from the Philadelphia and NJ cluster, Janine Au Pair Sis on Facebook  even before she came.

Monica also was able to read the information in Au Pair library and see the cluster activities on this blog. She learned from the other Au Pairs in the area, and she knew what to expect.

Au Pairs meeting at Bryn Athym 010

When she came to the US,  Monica spent several days at the Go Au Pair Introductory Workshop in NY and met Janine Au Pair Sis and other Au Pairs. She met her family and her Facebook friends.

Monica adjusted to life in the USA fast.  It was much easier because Monica prepared herself for her journey.

Cake for Mother’s day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms and especially the host moms who opened their homes and hearts for Au Pairs!

Dear host mothers, I hope you will be invited to special places, pampered and honored by your families and Au Pairs.

A “sweet” way to say thank you to your host mom is to make a cake project for Mother’s Day with host kids.

Here is a video recipe of Chocolate Zucotto cake with ice cream. It is a simple and an easy recipe and  Au Pairs may teach host children how to make this special cake for mommy.

I recommend to add fresh strawberries or any fruits and mix with ice cream, and also decorate the cake with fresh fruits. It will make this cake  healthier and taste better.

Au Pairs with kids can cook a delicious cake and desert and make Mother’s Day special. I hope all host moms will enjoy their special day.

I wish that every day be treated like Mother’s Day!

Au Pairs cook healthy food with kids.

Talking about  healthy eating and forming good habits, mentioned in the previous post, will take time and  also a lot of effort.

Let kids cook healthy food with Au Pairs.  Au Pairs may help in teaching  host families’  kids to cook healthy food and much more. They will teach kids healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime!

As a new project,  Au Pairs may plan healthy meals together with host kids and host parents, and find new recipes.  Healthy meals prepared from scratch usually contain more nutrients and fewer calories. Au Pairs may take kids shopping for the vegetables or maybe even use veggies from a vegetable garden.

It is important to keep the recipe simple. Au Pairs will teach kids to follow the directions and measure the ingredients.   Kids not only are being entertained while cooking , they will also learn a lot – reading, counting, fractions, budgeting, weighing, measuring, problem-solving, sharing, fine motor skills and much more – eating  fresh healthy food. Kids will be far more likely to eat vegetables if they helped cook them.

Au Pairs may also show the kids how to make a recipe from their home country. They can  teach kids about their culture through food.
Kids are much more likely to eat what they make. Is there anything more fun than eating your own art project?

Useful and harmful habits.

We all know that we can acquire bad habits very quickly, but is is not easy to get rid of them. Bad habits are acquired rapidly, whereas for the good habits it will take time.

Scientists have conducted studies and have proved that the acquisition of good habits should be a few months. As an example of this: in order to run in the morning with pleasure, you will need three months.

A special experiment was carried out. Volunteers, who took part in it, had to drink every morning fresh juice, and then make a run. Some volunteers drank the juice, but did not run. Others have continued with the whole experiment even though running daily was very hard. However, three months after they got used to it, they could not imagine a single day without  jogging.

Habits, resulting in the rapid increase of the hormone of pleasure are very difficult to get rid of. For example, eating junk food. 

Eating healthy food is very important, especially fresh cooked food prepared from fresh vegetables or vegetables from your garden.

Another Local Area Representative (LAR)  from Go Au Pair has a great idea to post recipes for Host Families and Au Pairs  that are quick and easy and focus on  consuming large amounts of vegetables.

Healthy eating makes you feel better and look better. You may want to follow this video How to choose healthy foods from Dr. Pamela Peeke, the author of “Fit to Live”.

You can start to eat healthy and maybe three months after you can not imagine a single day without eating healthy food.

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