Volunteering for the first time.

Nancy, the Au Pair from Newtown, Bucks County volunteered with other Au Pairs at the International Spring Festival on Saturday, 04.16.2016. Nancy Au Pair from China

Nancy is from China and it was the first time in her life being a volunteer.Go Au Pair volunteer 2016 ISF 13

I asked Nancy to share with us her feelings and experience.Go Au Pair volunteer 2016 ISF 1

Nancy said, “I really enjoyed being a volunteer. It’s fun. I met some new friends. We were so happy to do many things together. I learnt how to do a flower  with two kisses candies. I also learnt to how to do a puppy and a hat with the twisted balloons. I also did a flower for the kids.Go Au Pair volunteer 2016 ISF 6

The activity was so meaningful for me because I learnt lots of things that I never did before. I loved volunteering, even though, I was so tired when it’s done. I  also liked the festival – I liked the countries displays and the dance performances.”Go Au Pair volunteer 2016 ISF 4

Volunteering may be a life changing experience for Nancy and other Au Pairs. There were Brazilian Au PairsChinese Au PairsColombian Au Pairs,  Ecuadorian Au PairsGerman  Au Pairs, South African Au PairsMexican Au PairsUkrainian Au Pairs and Russian Au Pairs in Go Au Pair team. After they return to their home countries, Au Pairs may spread their experience of volunteering all over the globe. The Au Pair program promotes a cultural exchange experience!

Au Pairs volunteering in the USA.

Au Pairs from Go Au Pair volunteered their time and skills at the International Spring Festival on Saturday, 04.16.2016 to make hundreds of kids happy that day.Go Au Pair volunteer 2016 ISF 8

The Au Pairs had a lot of fun as well. Three Go Au Pair clusters from Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Bucks County and NJ got together and met new friends.Go Au Pair volunteer 2016 ISF 13

There is a huge cultural diversity in the Au Pair volunteering team: Brazilian Au PairsChinese Au PairsColombian Au Pairs,  Ecuadorian Au PairsGerman  Au Pairs, South African Au PairsMexican Au PairsUkrainian Au Pairs and Russian Au Pairs.Go Au Pair volunteer 2016 ISF 2

The Au Pair explored the unique Festival. The Festival hosted by volunteers in the North Penn area and is celebrating its 25th year and is organized.Go Au Pair volunteer 2016 ISF 10

Au Pairs were very enthusiastic and motivated to serve others and use their time, talent, skills and voices to help other volunteers and serve the community. It was a great cultural exchange experience, which is a goal of the Au Pair program.


Taxes 2016 -Three Extra Days To File Taxes.

Have you completed your tax return?  This year’s deadline is April 18 because of an overlap of federal and state holidays with the usual April 15 due date. You have three extra days to file your taxes in 2016. taxes

Au Pairs are required to file U.S. individual income tax returns. It is the law to file a tax return and report earnings made during a calendar year. The au pair stipend constitutes “wages” because an employer-employee relationship exists between the Au Pair and his/her Host Family and they are subject to federal taxation. Au Pairs who do not submit a tax return may have difficulty extending or obtaining future visas.

Every Au Pair should file taxes, regardless of the amount of money you made that year. You  may or may not have to pay taxes, but it is your responsibility to file taxes and report your earnings to IRS.

For the most recent and only official information about Au Pairs and taxes, please visit the IRS website and consult a tax adviser. If  you have a question about how to fill an Au Pair’s income tax read Ophelia’s instruction or watch YouTube tutorial  video that another Au Pair shared.

Good Luck!

The 25th International Spring Festival

The Lansdale International Spring Festival is the largest FREE diversity event in the Philadelphia region. This year the Festival is celebrating its 25th year and is organized and hosted by volunteers.  Au Pairs from Go Au Pair will  also volunteer and offer free face painting, balloon twisting, making crafts and playing games with children.intwernational festival.png

The Festival will be indoor and outdoor and offer:

CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES – Multicultural art projects – Food tasting from around the world – Try on cultural/ceremonial costumes – Passport Program – Play instruments from around the world

ENTERTAINMENT – Ethnic dance troupes – Music from around the world – Free raffles and prizes – Audience participation – New outdoor activities HEALTH FAIR – Free health screenings – Healthcare exhibits – Entertainer Sterlen Barr – Interactive exercises – Prevention education

INTERNATIONAL FOOD COURT Over fifteen ethnic cuisines are available for purchase at the Festival’s food court.

NATIONALITY AND VENDORS’ EXHIBITS Travel the world in a day and view exhibits in the Main Gym area.

STUDENT AFFAIRS WorldQwest Interactive Scavenger Hunt for young adults and etc.

Go Au Pair  will have two tables at the festival: for volunteering and representing Go Au Pair agency.  A lot of Au Pairs choose volunteering face painting for the kids. A few Au Pairs will do balloons twisting and making crafts/play with the kids.  Some Au Pairs desided fundraising for Make a Difference Foundation.
Participating country’s for the 2016  Festival include France, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Lebanon, India, Japan, Bangladesh, China, Brazil, Cambodia, South Korea, Poland, Italy, Egypt & Jordan. The mission of the International Spring Festival is to promote diversity and inclusion in the region through hosting the one-day cultural festival and through community outreach throughout the year.
Come join us on Saturday, April 16th from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. at the North Penn High School, 1340 S. Valley Forge Road, Lansdale, PA 19446.



We the People.

The Lansdale International Spring Festival (ISF) is the largest diversity event in Pennsylvania and celebrates its 25th anniversary year!  ISF is a special occasion for a celebration of international friendship through music, food, the performing arts and cultural exchange.

What place could be better for the Au Pairs from around the word, who miss their home countries and interest in other cultures and history than ISF? ISF will give the opportunity to the Au Pairs to explore the displays, enjoy international food, watch the performance from many countries and possible from their native countries, meet new people and make new friends. In addition, this year we are volunteering for the International Spring Festival as a Go Au Pair team.


This year the festival declares the goal to collect 5,000 signatures and to send this message of hope and unity to the White House.The festival  asking people who support the International Spring Festival to add their name, city or town and to select one country of their ancestry (or who you identify with) to the scroll.

Please join  We the People scroll and support the festival message of unity and help to reach 5,000 signatures!  The ISF goal is to show how people from different backgrounds, religions, cultures, and political views can come together with a single message of unity.

Volunteering for the International Spring Festival

For the past 25 years, the  International Spring Festival  helped the community celebrate the heritage. The festival  is made possible because of the generous donations from many sponsors and the work of over 200 volunteers.
Au Pairs at the festivalThis year, a few Go Au Pair clusters are going to volunteer and help the festival. Au Pairs are going to make crafts and play with kids, volunteer a face painting and balloons twisting.Go Au Pair at the International festival Mexico

A few Au Pairs would like to help with fundraising for Make a Difference Children’s Foundation.international Festival
The International Festival is the largest diversity event in the region. The Festival brings together people of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds and promotes cultural exchange.Go Au Pair at the International festival Zumba

The Festival will start with The PARADE OF NATIONS, that includes Chinese Lion Dancers and drummers, African dancers and drummers, other musicians. The Festival blends international foods, music, entertainment, a Health Fair, various cultural performances and tons of activities for kids.  Admission and parking are free.Au Pair internatioanl

Please mark your calendar and save the date to attend the 25th Lansdale International Spring Festival (ISF), North Penn High School, Lansdale, 19446 on April 16, 2016. Join this unique Festival and meet Au Pairs from more than 15 countries.

If you had one wish what would it be?

In the Philadelphia and Bucks County cluster of Go Au Pair, we interview our new Au Pairs. Jennifer recently interviewed new Au Pair Jessica from S. Africa and asked her, “What would you do if you had one wish?” Jessica said that her wish is to travel the world and take photographs of everything.Au Pair S. Africa 20.jpg

Jessica already started! She began her adventure as an Au Pair in the USA.bucks county, pa.jpgThat is Newtown, Bucks County,  PA where Jessica lives with her host family.

Au Pair S. Africa 19

Jennifer,  Jessica’s buddy and also an Au Pair from S. Africa, met Jessica and said that Jessica has an open heart and an open mind for the adventure that lies ahead of her.  Au Pair S. Africa 18.jpg

Jennifer asked Jessica what her hobbies and interests are. Jessica said, ” I love photography and anything to do with nature.  Landscape photography and wildlife photography and anything creative.”

Au Pair S. Africa 14.jpg

Great job, Jessica! You are very talented!Au Pair S. Africa 17.jpg

Love the photos!  Au Pair S. Africa 13.jpg

Jessica considers taking a photography class, “I would love to do photography courses during my Au Pair year in America. It is my dream to work for national geography and take wildlife and nature photography.”Au Pair S. Africa 12.jpg

We wish you that all your dreams come true!

Welcoming new Au Pair from S. Africa Jessica

Jessica recently joined a new host family in Newtown, Bucks County, PA. She made a lot of friends on facebook with the Au Pairs from  Philadelphia cluster.  Jessica has two buddies, Kathy from Ecuador and Jennifer from South Africa. Jennifer already met Jessica and interviewed her. Enjoy the interview with Jessica! Thank you, Jennifer, for the interview!

I would just like to welcome our new Au Pair Jessica from Cape Town to Bucks County. I have had the privilege of meeting up with Jessica already and have only good things to say about her! She is a very warm, caring and fun-loving individual with a great spirit. She has an open heart and an open mind for the adventure that lies ahead of her and I believe that although this process is not always easy, she has the strength and determination to give it her all. I wish her nothing but the best for her year.Au Pair from S. Africa 7

What are your hobbies and interests? I love anything outdoors. I love hiking, fitness, running and all sorts of outdoor activities. I also love photography and anything to do with nature. Landscape photography and wildlife photography and anything creative. I also love shopping and traveling.Au pair S. Africa

What was the best event/happening during last month? I have only been here for a week but the most exciting thing I’ve done so far has to be taking the train (for the first time by myself) into Philadelphia and meeting up with another Au Pair.

What three adjectives best describe you? Organized, creative and sporty.Au Pair from S. Africa 6

What place would you like to visit? Definitely New York and Niagara Falls, Washington DC, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles.

What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday? Sleeping in, going for a nice jog or hike, eating a yummy breakfast and spending the afternoon with friends and family.Au Pair from S. Africa 5

What was the best complement you have ever received? A few people have told me that I am extremely hardworking and that they admire my strength and ability to handle tough situations.

What are two things that you consider yourself to be very good at? I am very good at organizing things and I am good at most sports. Sport usually comes very naturally to me and I have played quite a lot of different sports in my life.

Welcome, Jessica!  Please, join our global cluster! Eight Au Pairs from your native country South Africa and also our international team- Chinese Au PairsColombian Au Pairs,  Ecuadorian Au Pairs,  Mexican Au Pairs, Ukrainian Au Pairs and Au Pairs from other countries are looking forward to meeting you!

Au Pair meetings.

The Au Pair meetings are designed for cultural exchange.  They give the Au Pairs an opportunity to meet new Au Pairs from around the word and form friendships. The cluster meetings also create a sense of unity and belonging to the group of Au pairs that have a lot of common. The cluster meeting give Au Pair a chance to talk to a Local Area Representative if there are any issues or questions and prevent many issues.

We had a great Au Pair meeting and the second annual buddy appreciation party on 02.28.2016 at Brunswick Zone XL Feasterville, Bucks County, PA. Please read a post by our new Au Pair from Ukraine Tanya.

The Au Pair meetings promote cultural awareness and help gain a new experience. I invited to our last meeting the school teacher Claudia Young.

Claudia  started MAKE A DIFFERENCE CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION four years in one of Bucks County schools. Make a Difference is involved in many projects to help children in both our local and global communities.  MAKE A DIFFERENCE mission is to bring relief to children living in poverty.

The Foundation is making a difference in the lives of children living in some of Nigeria’s poorest areas. Claudia shared the stories of a few kids she met during her two trips to Nigeria. Many Au Pairs were touched by those stories. They met Claudia after the Au Pair meeting and discussed ways they can participate in MAKE A DIFFERENCE projects.  It was great to see how everyone was involved and wanted to help.

Perhaps, Au Pairs can volunteer at The International Spring Festival with other Go Au Pair clusters and joined many other projects to help the foundation to MAKE A DIFFERENCE to children living in poverty!

Welcoming Nancy, our new Au Pair from China.

Thank you, Maria, for introducing our new Au Pair from Bucks County Nancy.

Hello, Au Pair Friends! The blog post from today is to introduce you to Ruonan Zheng from China! Her American name is Nancy, she lives in Newtown, Bucks County and she is 20 years old.

Nancy attended to her first meeting which was at Penn Museum the last month, “I was so glad to meet the friends there. I was very enjoying it and so excited. I visited the museum and watched some shows for lion dance and Kungfu etc. What’s more – I found some new friends and took pictures with them right there. I love the meeting very much. So, thanks, everyone” Nancy said about the meeting.Nancy Au Pair from China

We asked some questions to Nancy to have the opportunity of knowing more about her.

Why did you decide to become an Au pair? -Firstly. I really like children. I like to be with children. And I can be in  America, that’s a good thing. The Au Pair program can exercise me so many things. So I wanted to be an Au Pair to complete my dream.

Do you have hobbies? I like playing the piano, reading books, swimming, cooking and so on.

What was the best event/happening during last month? -There was a thing that I think it’s the best event that about the kids can clearly call my name last month.

What three adjectives best describe you? -I think the three adj. is that caring, patient, gentle to best describe me.

What place would you like to visit? -I’d like to visit the ocean.

What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday-My favorite way to spend my Saturday is go stay with my friends to play or do something together.

Thank you so much for answering the questions, Nancy! We all are looking forward to spending a great time with you! Have an excellent experience!

Au Pair Maria from Mexico


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