Your call is very important to us!

Many agencies advertise that they are a leading agency but how does that transfer to be beneficial for the customer?

It reminds me a huge store with hundreds of products with no one there to help me find the right one and to answer the questions I have. They are too busy making a profit.

Or speaking with the answering machine every time I call. “Your call is very important to us!” Really?

I personally like a medium size store with a selection of quality products at the decent price and friendly customer service that is always there and ready to help. Poor customer service means that the company doesn’t respect the customers. Who doesn’t want to be treated well?

My new Au Pair – Viviana, who recently came with “the Au Pair again program” said that she left the “leading” Au Pair Agency because she did not feel that she got personal attention.  Her counselor, who had about 25-30 Au Pairs, didn’t even know her name at the end of her first year in the USA.

The first time I contacted Viviana she was in Colombia. I sent her an email with our scheduled meetings, the Au Pairs cluster list and the listing of her education options before she came to the USA. When she arrived, I sent her email address to all my Au Pairs and they welcomed her warmly. She made friends the first week she came to the USA. Viviana we love you!

goAUPAIR is a medium size Au Pair agency, not a leading agency, but goAUPAIR is committed to providing families with high quality and affordable childcare as well as excellent customer service. goAUPAIR  has been providing Host Families with affordable childcare more than 20 years.  Au Pairs from our agency have been internationally recognized in 2009, 2005 and 2004. Why Choose goAUPAIR as Your Au Pair Agency?

We are not the biggest agency in the field, but we are proud to have hundreds of satisfied families who appreciate a high quality service the goAUPAIR’s team provides. You can read the comments of our host families on company’s testimonial page. “We stay with goAUPAIR because of the personality testing that they provide …”

Please email me  if you would like more details on the Au Pair program or call us (888) 287 2471.

goAUPAIR staff are always waiting for your call and would like to talk to you because your call is very important to us!

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