Good News! Discount offered for Philadelphia and NJ area only! Affordable Childcare in Your Own Home!

We get what we pay for. Right? Nobody wants to sacrifice the quality of the service for the price. Especially, when it comes to the quality of the care of our priceless children.

The Au Pair program offers 45 flexible hours of in home childcare a week for $353 no mater how many children you have.

How could we find a great service for our money?

Look around.  Do your research and read as many reviews as you can. For example, this one “goAUPAIR Extends Business Hours” from Au Pair Clearing House, the independent National Consumer Website for Host Parents “Giving their Host Families and Au Pairs the best customer service possible, makes goAUPAIR one of the leaders in customer service among Au Pair Agencies.”

goAUPAIR  is one of the original six Au Pair agencies designated by the U.S. Department of State. Why Choose goAUPAIR as Your Au Pair Agency?

goAUPAIR agency has the largest pool of qualified Au Pairs around the world and many of qualified candidates in the USA who are ready for immediate placement.

Hosting an Au Pair is considerably less expensive than other childcare options.  The average cost of hosting an Au Pair is about $353 per week, or just a little over $7.75 an hour. This cost comes from the Au Pair’s stipend and agency program fees. At a cost of $353 per week, that is still less than most Au Pair Agencies offer while you are still getting dedicated and flexible childcare with personal and quality customer service from our agency and dedicated Local Area Representatives.

Our Flexible Choice Program offers families a variety of payment options, allowing the program to be more accessible and affordable to all host families, including a customized payment plan.

We hope that we get what we pay for.  But do we always get what we pay for?

goAUPAIR offers outstanding service and many discounts for both new and repeat host families.

Right now the special discount is being offered only for Philadelphia and NJ area!

Please email me if you would like more details on the Au Pair program and how you can save $700.

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