The Place I Call Home Is My Host Family!

“Where are you from?”

There are homes you run from, and homes you run to.
– Law Ra Cunning Ham

We were sitting with my Au Pairs in a restaurant. The waiter was extremely polite and patient with the big group of young people. Happy and excited, with our different appearance and accents, we were obviously tourists to him. He no doubt wondered where we came from: “Where are you from?”

We smiled and one of the Au Pairs said “From here.”
He could not conceal his astonishment, “ Really?”
“Yes, we are!” We read a question in his eyes.
“At least for now,” smiled one of the girls.

“We are the Au Pairs, international nannies, we  live as part of an American family, earn money,  travel,  further our education, and make friends. Our Agency, goAUPAIR,  has Au Pairs from over 40 different countries around the world,” explained one Au Pair.

“We came from everywhere, with the names of our countries you could easily create a world map!” smiled another.

It was the first time the waiter had heard about the Au Pair program, “Do you like being an Au Pair?“

“Yes, I am enjoying every minute of it. Living in the USA is truly an adventure and I am building lifelong connections here. I have made new friends and formed a special bond with my host family, and I feel like it is my second family” said one girl.

“My family treats me so well, I love them so much.  I became a family member and feel that I belong here,” stated another Au Pair.

“I love my host family’s kids, they are so nice and sweet, and they are the best children ever.  My Host Parents made me feel at home immediately when I came here.  The place I call home became my Host Family” said another.

So with the new places my Au Pairs call homes,  it is really hard for them to answer “Where are you from?”

Many Au Pairs and  families develop long-term friendships and become an extended family through the Au Pair program.

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