No doubt that nanny cost has almost doubled. Lets talk about childcare cost.

What should I be paying my nanny?

Yesterday I came across this link on Craigslist  “What should I be paying my nanny?” It said,

“This is a rough guideline of what you should be paying your nanny, based on the age of your nanny and how many children they care for.

17-19 (in high school)   $10/hr for one child + $1/hr for every additional child

20-22 (in college)   $12/hr for one child + $2/hr for every additional child

23+ (college graduate) $14/hr for one child + $2/hr for every additional child

This means, if you have two children being taken care of by a college aged nanny, you should be paying them $14/hr,”

and if you have three or more – $16/hr +.   Nannies wages vary by the location, and could be much more than that.

The cost of an Au Pair is only $7.58 per hour or $341 for 45 hours of childcare a week regardless of how many children you have or your location.  This amount comes from the Au Pair’s stipend and agency program fees.

goAUPAIR currently has over 300 Au Pairs available.  All Au Pairs are screened, personally interviewed and meet regulatory requirements to qualify for the J1 visa Au Pair program. These regulations include background checks, minimum High School education, minimum hours of childcare experience, verified childcare references and more.  As a fact, 81% of our Available Au Pairs are over 21-years-old, 65% have completed some college or are college graduates and 42% have prior tutoring or teaching experience.  Au Pairs usually take care of two or three children.

No doubt that nanny cost has almost doubled.

But, why is there such a big difference in the cost of a nanny and a Au Pair?

Some nannies are professional childcare workers with substantial childcare experience compared to Au Pairs.  Many Au Pairs are not, but all Au Pairs have had childcare training before they start work as an Au Pair and they all have childcare related work experience working as a tutor, a nanny or a babysitter for their own siblings or children in their native country.

A nanny is considered an employee of the family while an Au Pair is considered a part of the family. Nannies receive a salary for a living,  while Au Pairs receive a stipend – pocket money.

Nannies often don’t have medical insurance. All Au Pairs have medical insurance during their work time. goAUPAIR provides medical insurance, which is a requirements for J1 visa participants and  includes in the program fees.

Why should you be paying a nanny? Why pay double?

At a cost that is less than a nanny, you could have flexible hours of childcare, full support of our agency, and a cultural and rewarding experience for your whole family.

Available for a limited time only, for even LESS goAUPAIR has a $700 savings off the program fee that includes a special discount only for Host Families from the Philadelphia area.  Please email me if you would like more details on the Au Pair program and save money.

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