Au Pairs from Philadelphia and NJ from goAUPAIR blog. Please vote!

Dear Readers,

goAUPAIR Philadelphia blog is participating in the third annual Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs 2011 (IX11) competition.

If you like goAUPAIR Philadelphia blog,

please vote!

search for goAUPAIR Philadelphia Au Pairs and Host Families

IX11 is about giving visibility to the bloggers who live an international experience, be it a high-school exchange, a student exchange, as an Au-Pair, a social year abroad, as an expat, as a host family, traveling around the world etc.

Please come back and read about the Au Pairs and Host Families from goAUPAIR agency in Philadelphia, our events, an Au Pair’s 2011 resolutions, Au Pair Year Diary as well as watch movies about Aupairs classes and nomination. Three goAUPAIR Host Families from Philadelphia nominated their Au Pairs for the IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award. Even though we don’t know who will win in nomination yet, all three our nominators, Karla Endres from South Africa, Laura Merchan from Colombia, and Irina Kopylova from Russia have already won  by admiration and appreciation that their their families and friends felt and wrote in the comments.

We are all happy to share our amazing experience of being part of goAUPAIR family! Welcome to our world!

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