Au Pair and work at home parents

As a work at home parents, it’s very easy to get irritated with the kids because they’re taking up valuable work time, distracting and keeping parents from meeting deadlines. Children need a lot of attention and work keeps the parents busy and it can be a struggle to balance everything.

An Au Pair may stay with the kids and give the parents an opportunity to focus on their work. She can play with kids, take care of children’s meals, laundry, and cleaning their rooms. Many of the Au Pairs drive and can take the children to and from school, karate, ballet or play dates. If parents prefer to have child(ren) in their home rather than in a day care, an Au Pair will provide flexible in-home care and personalized child supervision. The Au Pair enjoy doing many things with a host family’s children, teaching them and keeping them busy with useful things, and having fun together.

Not only children, but also parents get many benefits. For example, parents can have lunch with their children and play with the kids when they take a break.  Parents can arrange weekly working hours to fit their needs. If parents has a phone conference at night or need to work on weekends, having an Au Pair allows flexibility in their work day and hours.

Working  hard at home and being very busy,  parents still know what their children are doing. Children don’t need to call 911 for help with a math problem when the Au Pair is around 🙂

A real call of a four year old girl to 911.  She needed help with her math.

An Au Pair not only may help with math problem, but also help children to learn a new language for free with a native speaker!

Go Au Pair recruits Au Pairs from over 60 different countries throughout the world that provides families with the opportunity to match with the best Au Pairs for their family’s needs.

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