Asking your future Au Pair the right questions.

The interview process is possibly the most important stage of a host parents relationship with an Au Pair. If they don’t get the interview right, then parents don’t hire someone who is a good match and fits their needs. Since the interview is very  important, parents should prepare their questions in advance.

Really sit down and think about what you want in an Au Pair. Is there a certain country or language you want them to speak? Are they going to need to drive your children? If so, what countries have driving laws like the U.S.?  What education level do you want the Au Pair to have? What hobbies does your family do? What kind of childcare experience do you require (some just have babysitting while others have worked in day cares)? Read more: How to Select an Au Pair or Overseas Nanny |

You may find the following list helpful as Go Au Pair prepared for your interviews: Questions Every Au Pair Should Be Asked

Feel free to keep a conversational tone, but make sure you cover all your important questions and issues during the interview.

The most important thing to establish before an Au Pair arrives in your home is what you expect from her, and what they will receive in return.  Be as specific as possible regarding the Au Pair’s duties. Many host families type out a schedule so that an Au Pair can comprehensively understand what is expected of them during their working day.

What do the kids enjoy? If they like to run around outside, hike in the woods and play soccer, the family probably does not want to choose a girl who doesn’t like the outdoors.

What is the host family willing to offer the Au Pair? Maybe it will be a gym membership, a car to use, a cell phone, Internet and cable in her room, trips the family has planned during her stay.

Invite the children to join in this conversation. If possible use Skype or any other video chat program. Most of those programs can be downloaded from the Internet for free. This way the children can see their new Au Pair and might even want to take her on a virtual tour through the house and show her what her room looks like.

Ask your Au Pair the right questions, give her as more information as you can about your expectation, family life,  and benefits she will get. If this is established up front, then many issues or potential misunderstandings can be avoided.

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