Flexible child care – Au Pairs for shift workers.

An Au Pair is a popular choice for host families  who work shifts. It works really well in families where one or both parents work shifts,  such as doctors, nurses, police officers and others who are often out in the evenings or overnight.

For some employees shift work means an extremely early start. In this case, the Au Pair can get up with the children at a normal time and get the children ready for school and take them there.

Any other child care solutions, if at all they are available at such early times, usually means getting the children up much earlier then usual and dropping them of somewhere prior to school hours, which is stressful to the parent and tiring for the children.

And working late in the evening part of your working patterns, a nursery either is not available after 6 pm or charges significantly extra.

The advantages of hosting Au Pair are even greater for families who work shifts, as the Au Pair is already at their home and familiar with the children. An  Au Pair lives as a member of the family, so parents also get the peace of mind knowing that their kids are at home with a qualified, trusted “family member” when they are working their shifts.

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