An Au Pair for adopted children is the best childcare solution

Many of adoptive parents have no access to their kid’s culture and learning about culture is hard, especially when you don’t have somebody from that culture to help you out. The international nannies, Au Pairs may help parents learn their children’s culture and  heritage.

An Au Pair program offers what other forms of child care can’t: introduces and exposures adopted kids to their birth culture  and gives kids a sense of connection to their heritage plus cultural exchange to the whole family. It is why Au Pair program can be the best childcare solution for the adoptive families.

Go Au Pair agency recruits Au Pairs from over 60 different countries, so families may find an Au Pair from their kid’s country. An Au Pair  has knowledge of their kids birth culture and may teach the whole family.

Since an Au Pair is native speaker, she is able to keep or teach the children their native language.   Simple singing songs or telling the fairy- tale or story from their country are great ways to provide children with some exposure to their native culture. She  may teach  kids about their heritage, celebrate  holidays together, have birth country dinner nights, teach birth country dances or games, visit the library or book store and look at books from their culture. The Au Pair also helps whole family broader exposure to their children native lifestyles, food, customs and culture.

Go Au Pair agency is currently helping the adoptive families with the cost.  Go Au Pair would love to offer the huge discount to adoptive families of $1000.

Many adoptive families choose an Au Pair because of the nature of this amazing program.  The Au Pair brings to the kids her love, long-term friendships and the heritage.  An Au pair helps children to not only discover their heritage, but also gives the kids a foundation of pride of their culture. The culture of child’s country and heritage will definitely enrich the family life.

Hosting the Au Pair from the children’s birth country will bring a small piece of their culture right to the family and open the children’s hearts and minds to their heritage.  

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