Adoptive parents or considering international adoption?

Just like there is Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, there is also a day dedicated to children: “International Children’s Day”. International Children’s Day is observed on June 1st to celebrate children.

Children’s Day is celebrated by children all over the world. In many places, kids’ parties and other events for children and their families take place. Often, parents also give their children a present for Children’s Day.

According to the United Nations, every child should have a right to

Pearl Buck

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education, good health, a fair standard of living. Unfortunately, not all children in the world live comfortably. Many live in poverty, many are being treated unfairly, and many are orphans. That is why Children’s Day also serves to raise awareness for children and their rights.

American citizens represent the majority of international adoptive parents, followed by Europeans and those from other more developed nations. Today China is the leading country for international adoptions by Americans.

In 1949, outraged that existing adoption services considered Asian and mixed-race children unadoptable, Pearl S. Buck, a famous American writer, established Welcome House, Inc., located in Bucks County, PA,  the first international, interracial adoption agency. Buck not only pioneered foreign adoption in the United States, but also personally raised a dozen children. Her years of courageous philanthropy led to an entirely new community of Amerasian children adopted into the United States. In nearly five decades of work, Welcome House has placed over five thousand children in loving families.

Today,  Pearl S. Buck International, the author’s foundation, provides children around the world with the opportunity to grow in a loving permanent family. They provide not only the highest standard of adoption services, but also ongoing support for adopted children and their families, community education, advocacy, and humanitarian assistance.

In my cluster I have several families with  adoptive children who love our Au Pair program because they are able to take advantage of hiring an Au Pair from their children’s birth country, who besides being an excellent caregiver and friend to them is able to also teach the kids their native language and culture.

If you have adoptive children or are thinking about international adoption Go Au Pair would love to offer a substantial discount to adoptive families of $1,000. It is Go Au Pair‘s  way to land a hand to the families.  To celebrate the International Children’s day , our cluster of Au Pairs  from Go Au Pairs agency are going to volunteer in  Pearl S. Buck International  picnic on June 12t, 2011.

We can’t change the world around, but we may change the world around  live of the one child or even many together.

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  1. Leonard Marks
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 00:22:53

    great post


  2. Go Au Pair Philadelphia
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 10:41:49

    Thank you! I am glad you like it.


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