The best Au Pair in the world is my Au Pair from Russia.

Time flies so fast and I have noticed that Irina, an Au Pair from Russia, has almost finished her second year of an Au Pair program. Irina is a hardworking young lady, she has  many talents and has accomplished a lot during the Au Pair program.

 Go Au Pair  nominated Irina for the  “Au Pair in Excellence Award″.


Here is a part of Irina’s host family nomination essay:”

“So what does Irina do with three rambunctious little monsters….(a.k.a. the Moen boys) well, lots of things.  They go to museums – boys love the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum – and do projects at the Children’s Museum. They are at the pool or playground, or maybe getting together with friends and classmates for a playdate at Longwood Gardens. Always on the go.  What I love about Irina is her endless energy to excite and stimulate our children.  With many Russian books in our home, she is also endlessly pushing them to experience her native culture and language.

We can give you so many examples of what makes her the best!  Every day, it may be a photo e-mailed with the boys monkeying around, or freshly baked cookies that they all made together, or a drawing or another art project they all worked so hard on.

It is amazing how much heart Irina puts into her role (I can’t even call it her job – because she truly adores the boys and makes her time with them so meaningful and fulfilling for all).  Of course,   taking care of three boys can be a challenge but she just does not lose her cool, her caring voice never escalates and the boys absolutely love and respect their best friend.

The au pair program – if not taken for granted and done right – can be an amazing experience for the family and the au pair.  The enrichment is mutual.  It was so great to watch Irina and the boys’ reaction when we were walking up to the edge of the Grand Canyon or when we spotted not one but three rainbows above us at the Walnut Creek Canyon.

Or even the trip to New York around Christmas to take a horse and carriage ride through Central Park. This program offers amazing opportunities for cultural exchange and teaches both young and old the importance of finding the common ground among different cultures.  Love, laughter and kindness really knows no boundaries and Irina is a terrific example of being an ambassador of all the richness and great traditions that Russian culture has to offer.

I can hardly think of a better way to celebrate Irina and her wonderful qualities than give her this much deserved recognition as the best au pair in the world. To us she sure is.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Irina Kopylova
    Jun 29, 2011 @ 09:33:39

    Thank you, Polina for this great article! Today one of my little buddies said “Ira, you are the best girl I have ever seen in my entire life”. It made my day! 🙂


  2. Anna
    Jul 06, 2011 @ 14:26:24

    Irina, I watched your video, you are amazing! What are your plans after your year is over?


  3. Irina Kopylova
    Jul 19, 2011 @ 15:10:36

    Thank you, Anna! 🙂 I am not an Au Pair any more, just completed my program and my next step is going back to school. This great experience helped me to choose another field of knowledges ”web design and photography” for my future life. Recently it became my passion. I am very excited!


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