My Au Pair year far away from China

Chinese Au Pairs are now very popular choice with American host families.   Go Au Pair  has currently placed 16% Chinese Au Pairs in the U.S. and 23% percent of our available Au Pairs are from China. I currently have four Au Pairs in my cluster from China.

Ying, one of  my cluster’s Au Pairs from China, has almost finished her first year with Go Au Pair agency and has decided stay with her host family for a second year. In this post Ying shares her experience of being an Au Pair in the USA.

“Au Pair  program is kind of exchange program as we know. But it’s more then what we think about.

I help my host family with childcare and they help me with learning English. I really appreciate for this experience to be with them. My host family is like my family in America.  From this program, I realize American culture, experience lifestyle, learn language, taste American food, love volunteering with friends and so on.

But  for many Au pairs, it may be not easy to get along with host family at the beginning. You know that every family has different situation. Since Au pairs are international nannies, they are from different countries with different cultures and lifestyles. An Au pair to be as a family member, what’s the most important thing is trying to understand and respect each other. It will be getting better and better from learning.

There is another important thing to my Au pair life is that I am very lucky to have a great host mom.  I really admire her and learn from her a lot. She is a single mom and adopts three children from Russia. It’s not easy to take care of three children at the same time especially for a single mom. To my surprise, she did and did very well. Girls are healthy, happy and loved. From her experience, I realize how great to be as a mother. How brave to take this adventure at beginning. How independent as a woman can be.

All in all, Au Pair program as exchange program is worth to go for experience and explore a country deeply.”

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