Bilingual children, Au Pairs, and maintaining a second language

Go Au Pair recruits Au Pairs from over 60 different countries and Au Pairs can be great for helping a child learn or maintain a practical knowledge of a second language. But what happens if a family is between hosting Au Pairs, or hosts an Au Pair who is not a native speaker of a child’s second language?

For children and adults who want to maintain and develop a knowledge of a second language, there are many resources on the internet that help.

For practicing conversation, the modern version of international pen pals are Skype pals – one can meet native speakers of the second language on Skype, for language practice. Many young people in other countries are eager to improve their English, so it is easy to find conversation buddies for practicing second language in exchange for practicing English.

For practicing reading in the second language, there are foreign newspapers and other periodicals that maintain up to date websites with news and articles in other languages. For listening comprehension practice, one can find listings of foreign TV channels’ live internet feeds and foreign radio stations streaming on the internet.

Even after your au pair leaves, command of a second language can remain as a lasting gift for your children.

A comprehensive listing of internet resources for practicing Ukrainian has been put together by Anna T., an au pair host mother, in this article.

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