Host an Au Pair and get to experience the world without leaving the house

Many repeat host families like to host a new Au Pair from a different country every year. They get to experience the world without leaving their house. 🙂

It is not so hard since Go Au Pair recruits Au Pairs from over 60 different countries. Right now I have  an Argentine Au Pairs, Brazilian Au Pairs, Chinese Au Pairs, Colombian Au Pairs, El Salvadorian Au Pairs, Russian Au Pairs, South African Au Pairs, Ukrainian Au Pairs in my cluster.

They come from all over the world to live with host families and to provide child care and a cultural exchange. It is like having a big sister or cousin from another country who comes for a long visit and loves children unconditionally.

Argentine Au Pairs

Spanish is the official language of Argentina. Argentine Au Pairs usually speak good English and a third language, which is often French or Portuguese. College education is very important in Argentina so most of our Au Pairs from Argentina are either students or plan to enroll in college after their time as an Au Pair in the U.S.

Brazilian Au Pairs

Brazilian Au Pairs usually help care for their siblings and it is common gaining child care experience through daycare, babysitting and volunteer work. The average age of our Au Pairs from Brazil when they enter the U.S. is 22. Many of our Brazilian Au Pairs are either pursuing a college degree or have already graduated. Au Pairs from Brazil tend to be very active in  sports.

Ukrainian Au Pairs.

90 percent of our Ukrainian Au Pairs placed in the U.S. either have a college degree or were enrolled in college prior to starting their Au Pair program. Au Pairs from Ukraine speak Ukrainian, Russian and English. It is common to find Ukrainian Au Pairs who also speak a fourth language, which is typically German. While about half of our Ukrainian Au Pairs in the U.S. have experience with infants, all of these Au Pairs have experience with children in the 5-10 year age group.

An Au Pair is so much more than just a nanny. She introduces a new language and culture to the children .  Kids can learn a new language for free with native speakers, while broadening their perspectives and world knowledge; which in today’s world is considered to be priceless.

May all our children grow healthy, happy, open minds and hearts to other cultures and responsible citizens of the world!

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