An Au Pair – a positive role model for the kids

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you.
Worry that they are always watching you!”
Robert Fulghum

Children picked up a certain behavior or habit through the people around them. Anyone that they look up to may be a role model. Which is why it is important to set a good example for kids.gjenny

An Au Pair can be a positive role model that children of all ages look to. Au Pairs are mature, enthusiastic, unique individuals with a lot of talents and skills. When an Au Pair cares for  children and lives as a family members, she is more than care providers. She becomes a role model, mentor, teacher, coach,  big sister and friend.

Most children would prefer the atmosphere of a young adult playing or hanging out than an older nanny taking care of them.  Older kids would like someone they can talk to, share their interests, speak in confidence, and look up to.  Au Pair comprises a unique opportunity being a responsible adult that children listen to and an older sibling that they look up to. A favorable Au Pair becomes the best example for children that you could ever ask for.

Go Au Pair rated #1 agency for 2011 by Au Pair Clearinghouse. According Au Pair Clearinghouse survey Go Au Pair agency offers the best selection of quality Au Pairs.  Au Pairs from Go Au Pair agency have been internationally recognized through the special award in 2009, 2005 and 2004. Living  with host family an Au Pair acts as an older sibling and becomes a consistent role model.

Making sure that children is influenced by positive role models will help kids achieve more in their life.

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