2011 Photo Contest “Au Pairs Having Fun”

Please help us choose the winners!

2011 Go Au Pair Amateur Photo Competition “Au Pairs Having Fun” has begun!

The participants of the contest are Au Pairs from Go Au Pair Philadelphia, Bucks & Montgomery Counties and parts of NJ cluster.

Please vote and help us find the FINALISTS!

The top 3 winners will receive prizes at our Holiday Party!

All votes must be submitted by December 15, 2011 at midnight.

If you are selected as a finalist, feel free to announce it on facebook, twitter, email your friends and family and get your friends to vote for you!  Good Luck!


A trip to Philly.

The time had come for me to get to know my other Au Pair friends, and what best way to do it than getting together in Philadelphia?!

My LAR from Go Au Pair (and owner of this blog) and I arrived at Suburban station and came face to face with the City Hall building.

The Kimmel Center for the performing arts was next, a very nice guide named Joe gave us a tour through the Verizon Hall-Home of the Philadelphia Orchestra, offering very interesting info on the architecture (bricks are Philli’s thing, they’re everywhere), history and background of the city in general.

As we walked toward the Reading Terminal Market us girls stopped by the Love Park and took turns posing by the Love sign. So much fun!

When we got there, it was packed. There were people everywhere you looked; it reminded me of a place in Sao Paulo called Mercado Municipal da Lapa.

I couldn’t visit the Liberty Bell, though. I’ll have to do that some other time.

After all, the journey has just begun.

Au Pair Journal from a journalist.


A new Au Pair Juliana from Brazil has joined us recently. Juliana is 22 years old, she is funny, lovely and sweet. She worked as a teacher in Brazil and now Juliana is an Au Pair from Go Au Pair agency. She lives with her lovely host family and sweet two kids in beautiful Bucks County, near Philadelphia.

Juliana is going to journal about her experience as an Au Pair, her new friends, the host family and American life as a Brazilian journalist.  She also will answer any questions you may have.

We are looking forward to reading about many future activities from our cluster such as a Holiday Party, a trip to Chinatown in center city, volunteering together with adopted kids from FRUA, a Brazilian festival and a costume contest, a cooking class of Brazilian Food, a trip to the Philadelphia Flowers Show, an International Dinner and many more.

This Journal  also would be wonderful virtual connection for several Au Pairs who left our cluster or about to leave the program and go home.

Good luck with your Journey and Journal, Juliana!

If you missed something, you can read all entries from Juliana’s  Au Pair Journal.  Stay tuned, many stories, pictures and movies are coming soon.

100th post on Go Au Pair blog

This is the post number 100 on  Go Au Pair blog covering Philadelphia, Bucks & Montgomery and part of NJ.  100 posts of my blog is a milestone. I also had my best  day with 358  views in one day.  Here are a STATS from this blog.

  • 14,028 views all-time
  • 45 views yesterday
  • 358 views on the busiest day, January 14, 2011
  • 100 posts, as you know 🙂
  • 27 pages
Which posts have been the most interesting or helpful so far?
Here are the most popular posts that have received over 49 hits during  running the Go Au Pair blog. These are not 100% accurate since some people read everything from the home page, but I hope that you find this interesting.

Title Views
Home page More stats 3,963
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go AU PAIR Philadelphia Amateur Photo Contest “Au Pairs Having Fun” More stats 708
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Most importantly, I just want to say thank you for reading! I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to visit and to comment on Go Au Pair blog!

My Au Pair Journey, my new home at Langhorne, Bucks County, PA

Hi, my name is Juliana and…Wow!
That’s pretty much the best word to describe these 2 weeks since I got to Langhorne at Bucks county, PA.
After almost 12 hours flying from Sao Paulo, Brazil to New York, Washington and – finally- Pennsylvania I arrived at my house for the next year, The Zacconis residence.
Now I am an Au Pair from Go Au Pair  and here my journey began.

I was welcomed by my host mother (and new shopping partner) Allison, my host father Shawn and their wonderful family.

I spend most of the time with Olivia, who is two and is a cutie.
Joey, her brother, is six years old. He is my evening buddy.
We usually spend some time at the basement and playing Wii (I’m not very good at that), baseball (I try) and soccer (Hey, I’m from Brazil) and we have lots of fun.
I wasn’t just welcomed by the humans in the family, though…their dog, Diesel, connected to me immediately. I wake up everyday with him lying by my feet. His love came in a perfect time once I left my 11 year-old dog Coco at home.
Unfortunately, Coco passed away last Saturday. Diesel is helping me cope…

Stay tuned for my next entry: A trip to Philly

How to welcome your new Au Pair.

Here are several tips for the  Host Family  on how to welcome a new Au Pair when she arrives.

  • Have their room ready and clean with a waste paper basket and laundry basket .
  • Prepare a welcome sign made by the children and a small arrival gift or basket
  • Ask about their room (do they have everything they need).
  • Help them call home to let their parents know they are now with their host family
  • Ask them how you can make them feel welcome in regards to cultural differences, food, customs, etc.
  • Spend the entire first week showing them everything in your home and in the neighborhood.
  • Introduce your au pair to your neighbors and friends.
  • Ask your au pair questions about their home, their country, their family, and ask to see the pictures they brought with them.
  • Give her a few days to unpack, rest and become acclimated to the host family’s home.

Help your au pair feel welcome and that they are truly part of your family.


You can find more information about  how to welcome your new Au Pair here

An Au Pair Again

When Au pair program year or two passed by, it is very sad to say goodby to their host family, friends and the LAR.

Many Au Pairs want to come to US again to be an Au Pair and lots of families would love to host their Au Pair again. The US government recently announced that it will allow Au Pairs who successfully completed their first Au Pair program  and are aged between 18 and 26 years old to return as an aupair again.

Go Au Pair offers the Au Pair Again  program.

The Au Pair Again program allows former Au Pairs to return to the U.S. again with their original family or with a new one. Through the Au Pair Again program, Au Pairs must meet the standard Au Pair requirements in addition to providing proof of successful completion of their initial Au Pair program, including the education requirement. You also have to reside outside of the U.S. for at least two consecutive years following the initial program.

Au Pairs may use a different agency than the one used in their initial program. Also, Au Pairs have the option to participate in a different program, such as EduCare, Plus or Premiere as an Au Pair Again.

Au Pairs participating in the Au Pair Again program are required to complete 6 credit hours of education at an accredited, post-secondary university during their first year or 12 hours if participating in the EduCare program.

Au pairs will have the chance to relive memories, meet friends and families and see all those things they missed first time.

My Au Pair year end: Should I Stay or Should I go?

After a great year with the Host Family, many Au Pairs want to stay in the U.S. to travel or to stay for another year here.  Au Pairs have many options after the first year in the Au Pair program.

As Au Pair successfully completes her year in the Au Pair program, she is given 30 days to travel throughout the United States before having to return home. Go Au Pair’s exclusive Bed and Breakfast program allows Au Pair to travel to various states and stay in former Host Families’ homes, rather than paying for a hotel. Contact Go Au Pair for more details about this great program.

Many Au Pairs prefer to extend with their current Host Families, but Au Pairs also have the option to extend with a different Host Family and see another part of the country, make new friends and family.

Au Pairs who successfully complete their first year are able to extend their Au Pair program for additional 6, 9 or 12 months. In order to qualify for the extension program, An Au Pair must complete all the educational requirements and remain in good standing with the program. Read more about End of Year Options

And if you decided go home – you are  welcome back  – with a new Au Pair Again program.

The Au Pair Again program allows former Au Pairs to return to the U.S. again with their original family or with a new one.

Au Pairs traveling outside of the USA

One of the fantastic opportunities the Au Pair program offers to Au pairs is the chance to travel with their host family or friends outside the USA.

Au pairs are allowed to travel outside of the USA during their 12 month stay. Go Au Pair does not recommend traveling outside of the US during the last 2 months of the year. Even though the Au Pair has a valid visa, sometimes immigration officers question why the au pair traveled outside of the country so close to the expiration date of her visa.

Also the dates on the Au Pair’s visa often are different from the au pair’s actual arrival into the country. If you want to know what an Au Pair needs to do in order to travel outside of the United States read this post.

Travel outside of the U.S. during the au pair’s 13th month is not permitted by the J-1 visa. If an Au Pair leaves the  USA during this month, she will not be allowed to re-enter the USA.  Au Pair may travel to Hawaii in their 13th month.

It is the responsibility of the Au Pair to check to see if a tourist visa is required for the country she is visiting.

Travel to Canada: please follow this link to find out if the Au Pair needs a tourist visa: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/index.asp. Travel to Mexico: please follow this link to find out if the Au Pair needs a tourist visa: National Institute of Immigration Mexico
For all other countries, please visit www.embassyworld.com for a listing of embassies for various countries. If the au pair travels without the appropriate documents, such as a tourist visa, she may be prohibited from boarding the plane and/or denied entry into the country.

There are a few travel restrictions for Au Pairs while they are in the US on a J-1 visa. For more information please read Where can an Au Pair travel?

Go Au Pair agency asks Au Pairs and Host Families to contact the agency several weeks before traveling outside the country so that all appropriate documentation may be done in time.

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