How to welcome your new Au Pair.

Here are several tips for the  Host Family  on how to welcome a new Au Pair when she arrives.

  • Have their room ready and clean with a waste paper basket and laundry basket .
  • Prepare a welcome sign made by the children and a small arrival gift or basket
  • Ask about their room (do they have everything they need).
  • Help them call home to let their parents know they are now with their host family
  • Ask them how you can make them feel welcome in regards to cultural differences, food, customs, etc.
  • Spend the entire first week showing them everything in your home and in the neighborhood.
  • Introduce your au pair to your neighbors and friends.
  • Ask your au pair questions about their home, their country, their family, and ask to see the pictures they brought with them.
  • Give her a few days to unpack, rest and become acclimated to the host family’s home.

Help your au pair feel welcome and that they are truly part of your family.


You can find more information about  how to welcome your new Au Pair here

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anna
    Nov 15, 2011 @ 14:34:27

    This is all good advice. I want to disagree with the last point, though “•Give her a few days to unpack, rest and become acclimated to the host family’s home.”

    It is best to get the au pair involved with the children, her new work schedule and duties (at first with help from the host family of course) the first regular working day that she is here. She is eager to start, and delaying it is a set up for an attitude of helplessness and not being sure of yourself, and being treated like a pampered guest instead of a contributing family member. Best way is to jump in with both feet right away. The first weekend is also best spent with the family, doing an activity (sightseeing, zoo, museum) with the family and kids, even going grocery shopping with the family – instead of ‘resting’ alone in her room. So I would re-word it “give her a few hours to unpack and rest, then invite her to family dinner”.


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