The Au Pair’s Holiday Party.

It’s the season to celebrate! And so we did.

On December 17, us Au Pairs and our LAR Polina had our Christmas Party at Char Koon, a chinese restaurant in Langhorne, Bucks County, PA.

It was amazing! As soon as we got there we hung the Holiday decorations and cuddled with our blue primate buddy, we loved him. He states ” I love Go Au Pair“!

He now belongs to Judy, from China – Chic!. You can see the videos

We played, exchanged presents and had lots of fun talking about our incredible Host Families and our lives in The U.S.A.

Watch  me in our Party.

We even had a cookie buddy contest (mine is the one with Green eyes – A.K.A wasabi).We’re all having a great time and, though we miss our homes (in Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, China, El Salvador or Ukraine) we love it here.

But, wait!

There’s one thing that we must have at a party (aside from music, of course. Our playlist was full of Holiday tunes): The cake.

Well, I couldn’t end this post without thanking our Local Area Representative Polina for putting this party together. So, Thank You Polina!Loved hanging out with the girls…can’t wait for our next events. Stay tuned for info on the Chinese New Year and Brazilian Party.
See ya soon…

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