An Au Pair went to Disney World with her Host Family -a dream came true.

Ying, an Au Pair from China had a great trip to Disney World with her amazing host family from Philadelphia. Ying’s dream to visit Disney World with her host family came true.

Ying had a fantastic time with her three host children. She wants to share her experience and photos and thank her family for a special time and memories.

“I am excited to go Disney World with my host family for Christmas. I’m very appreciative for my host family to take me to this trip. We had a wonderful time there.

We went to Disney Epcot and Hollywood Studio. As Disney said, ” Let’s make dream come true.”  This is my dream to have fun in Disney world with my host family. Also this trip is to celebrate one of my host children Tasha’s birthday. She is happy to have her birthday party in Disney.

We came to Disney Brown Derby for dinner and had delicious food there. We all glad to meet every Disney character and I felt like get back to my childhood.

When we get into Disney World, it is really like let’s the memories begin. I enjoy this trip in Orlando especially there is no disney in my hometown.

It was a great experience for me to visit the biggest Disney World in the US with my host family.  Thank you very much!”

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