Au Pair free time.

Au Pairs are mature, enthusiastic, unique individuals who want to accomplish so much.  In their young years Au Pairs leave behind the familiarity of their homeland, their parents, siblings and close friends for many reasons.

One of the reasons why they came to the USA is that they are looking for new challenges such as facing real life abroad without parent’s help and assistance, test their English skills and learn American English from everyday life.

While experiencing everyday life with an American family,  Au Pairs provide 45 hours of childcare and also continue their education. They also travel a lot, attend Go Au Pair’s meetings, and spend quality time with their new friends and host family. They are busy with many things.

Recently one of my Au Pair said that she is sometimes bored when she has a day off during the week. There are so many things you can do in your free time. For example, volunteering.

Volunteering brings many positive benefits for Au Pairs, such as

  • Face new challenges and gain experience.
  • Improve your English skills.
  • Become a part of the community, meet a new people & make friends.
  • Develop new talents and learn a variety of new skills.
  • Learn American life through volunteering.
  • Get a certificate with your accomplishment.
  • Obtain personal satisfaction.

If you think about volunteering in your free time, you can simply stop at your local library or ask at your kids school if they need volunteers. They usually welcome people who want to help.

Here is the Volunteer Match web site where you can find a lot of different opportunities volunteering near where you live. You should enjoy your volunteer experience, so before you sign up for any position make sure that you fully understand the commitment.

Remember your childcare duties always come first! Volunteer schedules can not conflict with your job as an Au Pair.

We are going to volunteer again for adoptive families at the FRUA Holiday party next month.

Share Your Time. Change the World!

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