Teaching Portuguese to Host Children.

So, for the past week or two I found myself home with a two year-old and a restless six year-old, Who was home because of the teachers strike. What to do now???

Joey and Olivia had been very excited a few weeks before while I was skyping with my mom in Brazil (she’s trying to learn, but for now “Hi” and “Hello” is all she’s got), so I thought why not?

I started teaching them a few words in Portuguese. It was a little difficult in the beginning, but ended up having fun.

I’m sure my friends aupairs from Go Au Pair can do the same with their host kids and they’ll have a blast.

Well, since it’s never too late to learn, here are a few expressions in Portuguese from Brazil:

Oi means Hi.

Tudo bem? means How are you doing?

Obrigada means Thank You.

Por Favor means Please.

Tchau (ciao – like in italian) means Bye.

Whenever we’re reading, I teach Livy some animals names in Portuguese, too. It’s a work in progress, maybe someday I can teach you. 😉

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