Ten ways to improve English for an Au Pair.

Many Au Pairs have already good English skills when they come to the USA. Nevertheless, many of them are  looking to improve their English skills because the ability to master and use English professionally can make a big difference in many aspect of their life.

There are many ways for Au Pairs to improve their English skills that  include:

  1. Take an ESL (English as a Second Language) class as part of your educational requirement.
  2. Speak with your host familiy and friends whenever you can.
  3. Read books in English or listen to audio books.
  4. Watch American movies and shows with the subtitles.
  5. Volunteer for the community.
  6. Search for free online language learning resources. Take classes online.
  7. Take  free ESL classes near your home
  8. Write your Au Pair diary
  9. Listen to and sing English songs with your kids.
  10. Travel, visit museums, theaters, go out and meet new people, have fun and speak English.

A comprehensive internet resources for practicing  American English has been put together by American English pronunciation teacher.

If you decided to improve your English skills, do it with pleasure. The Au Pair program is known abroad as the “Learn and Earn”program. Enjoy your time here, earn money and experience and learn American culture and English!

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