20,000 views on my blog.

Another blogging milestone. Today I reached 20,000 page views of my blog! I’m excited to receive this many page views.  Thank you to everyone for spending a little time with my blog.

I started Go Au Pair blog at September 2010 to support Host Families and Au Pairs in Philadelphia and suburban, Montgomery, Bucks County and close NJ. It took me one and a half years to reach 20,000 page views of my blog.

My blog contains 132 posts and 28 pages. Many people contributed to my blog, writing interesting posts and even series of posts. I would like to thank you my former Au Pair Lala from South Africa, who wrote My Au Pair Year.

The host mom Anna, who is in her six year of hosting au pairs,  kindly contribute to this blog. She wrote many posts which are very  popular in her series From An Au Pair mom. Anna also answered many questions that new host families often ask. How can a young Au Pair be a good caregiver?  Which country is the best au pair from?   No doubt that many of her posts have so many hits!

I also would like thank you the Au Pair Juliana,  from Brazil, who lives now in Bucks County near Philadelphia, for writing her wonderful Au Pair Journal, and many other Au Pairs. I can’t do this without your help and support.

I enjoy working as a Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair. We do many interesting things together with Au Pairs from my cluster: going to the interesting  places, organizing parties, volunteering and supporting each other like a big family. This blog is the place where we can share our wonderful experience with each other and you, my dear reader.
If you are reading this blog for the first time welcome to Au Pair world!
Thanks for checking out my blog  and I hope you’ll return soon!

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  1. Edyta
    Mar 15, 2012 @ 16:10:27

    I’m pleased to say that being au-pair has been the most rewarding job I have ever done (and I must say that I’ve been working in loads of different enviroments). This is truly the most satisfying job and I have been fortunate enough to work for few different families with the most amazing experiences. I can’t say a single bad word about au-pairing.
    Coming from abroad, straight to a host family makes you understand the culture of your new country and of course you pick up the language in a more relaxed way.
    It is not the easiest job of course. However with the help of the host family and clear rules to follow, it can be one fantastic experience for all young girls.
    I have made so many friends for life and I have learned so much about children, adults and myself as well. I would advise anyone who have a passion for kids (without it it might be a bit difficult to have a go) try and make the best out of those months abroad.
    Wishing best of luck to all au-pairs! try http://www.aupaircity.com its fantastic
    Edyta – Polish Au Pair


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