Au Pairs becoming lifelong friends.

The friendship between Host Families and their Au Pairs are so meaningful and lasting.

From my  experiences working with Host Families and Au Pairs for several years, I see how incredibly powerful Au Pair program is!  Au Pairs become a part of the families, a big sisters/brothers to host family kids.

Au Pairs often develop a life-long friendship with the parents and, especially, with the kids. They become an extended family members. Small kids from a Host Family that came from India called their Au Pair “anty”.
Au Pair program offers what other forms of childcare can’t:  the  benefit of giving the family exposure to other languages, lifestyles, customs and making friends around the world!  The Au Pair program also opens minds and hearts to other cultures and makes kids responsible citizens of the world!

One of  host families from Go Au Pair in Philadelphia had five Au Pairs from South Africa over the years. They continue stay in touch with them. The parents together with their five children are planning to visit South Africa and meet all their five Aupairs.

Luckily, we have facebook and SKYPE  now that brings Au Pairs and Host Family close to each other when the time to leave comes.

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