Tax Time.

2012 Tax Day is almost here. Many Au Pairs are about finishing their tax returns. I have  posted about the tax return recently at  Au Pair’s tax return.  I also found a helpful post from another Go Au Pair‘s blog at “Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

As a Non-Resident Alien, Au Pairs are required to pay tax on their stipend, minus an exemption, which for the 2011 tax year is $3700. If you arrived after August 20th, then you still need to file a tax return, but you shouldn’t owe anything.


Taxes (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

The main thing that influences how much tax you have to pay, is when you arrived in the USA. A January arrival Au Pair with her/his stipend 195.75 will pay an average of $600 in taxes, with the full amount due all in one tax year.

Remember that Au Pairs who do not submit a tax return may have difficulty extending or obtaining future visas.

If you have any questions, please contact a tax professional.

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