Teaching host children healthy eating skills when playing.

I’ve posted about healthy eating and forming good habits with Au Pairs help in the previous posts.

But what can you do if you have the pickiest eaters on the planet and every meal becomes a battle?

Read more on the host mom’s from Go Au Pair blog post Toddlers and Picky Eating about her kids and her helpful tips on proper response and attitudes to the picky eaters.

Au Pairs may teach host kids about food groups, nutrition, and do fun food activities to help their children eat healthy food. As a new project, an Au Pair with kids may open a restaurant in the Host family’s kitchen,  in the play room or even outside and play cafe with kids.  It’s a lot of fun and very educational for kids.

Kids will learn reading, counting, fractions, budgeting, weighing, measuring, problem-solving, sharing, fine motor skills and much more – eating  fresh healthy food. An Au Pair helps make an assortment of healthy items for play — fruits, veggies, and cheeses.

Kids and Au Pairs may take turns being the cook or the customer or may cook together with toys. Playing  together with kids  provides a natural way for the Au Pair to discuss healthy food and nutrition and teach kids healthy eating skills through play.  As a result, kids will be more likely to follow the suggestions to eat something healthy during their meals.

When kids play restaurant and cook healthy food for toys or family members, there are fewer mealtime battles and more willingness to eat healthy and to try new foods. Finally, one day host families will have fun eating healthy meal with their kids.

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