My Au Pair Year – More Than Words.

By the Au Pair from China Hui Jung.

I can’t believe that my first Au Pair year will end in two weeks. I still feel that I just came to the USA a couple of days ago. I’m very glad that I have the opportunity to come to the USA as an Au Pair for Go Au Pair.  It’s absolutely a fabulous and remarkable experience in my life.

Luckily I’m staying with a very happy and nice host family near Philadelphia, PA. I really appreciate that my host parents truly care about me, which makes me feel I’m a part of the family.  No doubt I’m busy with 5 kids; they are 14, 12, 10 and 6 years old twins. The girl, Brooke is very independent and respectful and 4 boys are very active and joyful. I feel I’m a big sister to them.

I do have some hard times once in a while. For example, it’s not easy to get the twins ready for school. However, most of the times we are super happy and kids always make me laugh a lot. The happiest moments are holding both of the twins and having a movie night, or when I ‘m reading for them before they go to bed and both of them putting their heads on my shoulder.

 I don’t feel lonely even I’m far away from home because I have some awesome friends here. We always having fun and traveling together in our free time.

Thanks to my representative Polina, who is caring, responsible and willing to help. I appreciate that she hosts our group meeting every month which helps us to meet other girls and make more friends.

I’m sad that I’m leaving soon. I will miss all of you. And I’m also excited that I’m going to extend my second year with a new family in California. I think the east coast and west coast will be very different. But that’s what life is for, always learning new things, experiencing different life & accepting new challenges.

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  1. Paola Delaughter
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 11:46:09

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