An Au Pair Saves a Baby’s Life.

A terrible car accident happened last week in Philadelphia. Fortunately nobody was seriously injured.

An au pair from Go Au Pair agency, Sharon Lizcano Tellez, was taking a walk with 8 month old twins she cares for. Sharon was carrying one twin in a sling, and her friend au pair Maria was pushing the second baby in a stroller. They were crossing a street at a cross walk when they were hit by a distracted driver of a van.

When Sharon realized that the car wasn’t stopping, she protected the baby with her own body, receiving the impact of the crash on her left side. Both au pairs were struck to the ground by the car and injured, but both babies survived the crash relatively unharmed.

Au Pairs are doing better, but are still recovering from the accident. They are expected to make a complete recovery, but it may take a long time.

The heroism displayed by Sharon is extraordinary, but those who know Sharon are not surprised.

Sharon’s host mom said, “Sharon is a very loving and caring Au Pair with a lot of experience. I am not surprised that she saved my child’s life because of the type of the person Sharon is. We are extremely lucky to have her as a nanny for our kids and as a family member as well.”

The family is very thankful and said that Sharon deserved to be honored and rewarded. They are looking forward to extending the Au Pair program with Sharon for another year.

Sharon is an Au Pair from Colombia, she worked as an Au Pair in Holland before coming to the USA. Sharon is a very giving person. She loves children from her heart and cares for them as if they were her own.

The whole purpose of the Au Pair program is to build long lasting relationships that go beyond child care responsibilities. Go Au Pair is extremely impressed and appreciates Sharon’s great courage.


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