Why consider an Au Pair?

By a single father, Gregory L.

Why consider an Au Pair for childcare?  Well, I never did.  My wife was from China and stayed home with the children.  Then, in early April 2012, she was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer.  Sadly, she passed away three weeks later after surgery to try to remove the cancer.

Now I found myself in charge of two half-American, half-Chinese children and no childcare.  While no one is going to replace their mother, having someone like a big sister, someone who could bridge both cultures, seemed like a viable alternative.

The more I thought about it, the more sense it made.  So, I signed up with Go Au Pair to become a host family.

The alternative was giving up on the children’s Chinese language and heritage.  That would mean giving up on half of who they are and that’s not right.  They were raised in a bilingual family, although admittedly, my Chinese is laughable.  Even the children complain about my “American accent” when I try to say the most basic of Chinese words.

But, having an Au Pair from China would help them preserve part of the life they had before.  As I’ve searched, I found out that some single American fathers do indeed hire Au Pairs and it works out well for everyone.  In this particular cluster, Go Au Pair in Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ, I learned that there were two similar cases in the past few years.

In addition, when I posted my information online, another Au Pair contacted me, expressing interest.  Her sister had just completed her Au Pair year, working for a single father of school-aged children where sadly, the mother had passed away from cancer.  Perhaps my situation is not that unusual after all. Many single dads hire Au Pairs and I hope it will work for me too.

Why consider an Au Pair?   It is obvious – I am looking to find a trusted caregiver  for my kids, and my kids -to find an older, loving and caring sister,  an Au Pair, who becomes a part of our family life.

Read my next post  Looking forward to having a Chinese Au Pair.

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  2. Ada
    Jul 28, 2014 @ 02:08:19

    Greetings, I like reading your post, great site!


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