Host Families House Rules.

Every family does things differently.  Some host parents may set out the rules of the house to establish boundaries for an Au Pair. This is why  house rules are very important. I suggest establishing and sending  house rules before the parents match with an Au Pair. It gives the Au Pair a clue what to expect and a reference to important and often different ways of doing things in host parent home. 

The host family rules can be a part of the Au Pair Host Family Handbook. Host Families are allowed to set house rules which include:

○ Guests
○ Curfew
○ Phone and internet use
○ Car use

Host Families will list this information on their Written Agreement, which an Au Pair signs prior to arrival.  Au Pairs will be required to follow the rules in the home while they are with the Host Family.  An Au Pair will review all of the house rules in detail during the Orientation.

Host parents also can review and revise goAUPAIR Family Handbook (1) to set limits and rules that gives the Au Pair a reference to  host family’s  rules and important information.

This is also a reference she can use when she has forgotten something that parents have told her.

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