Focus on the important things.

There are so many things an Au Pairs can do in their  free time.  Some of the favorite things for many Au Pairs are spending time on the Internet-sending the emails, chatting on facebook,  skyping with their families and  friends and doing homework or researching things on the Internet.  Sometimes they like reading books, watching movie, watching videos on YouTube and playing games.

Computer, IPad, IPhone, Internet  enslave us to many of their distractions and entertainment. Many people become victims of the pitfalls that the new technologies and Internet has created for us.

Since the foundation of the Au Pair program is cultural exchange, Au Pairs are meant to become part of the host family, learning American culture, studying at College and  traveling with friends.

Don’t waste your time, go out with your host family friends and explore the USA.

How best to use all its power the Internet, without having to constantly get caught on the hook for his distractions? Those three little habits or skills we need to master.

  1. Set a specific time to perform . Choose a great job, and set a limited time for its implementation. This may be one hour, 20 minutes or even 10. Limited time helps to focus quickly and, therefore, to take up more quickly
  2. Close all unnecessary . This means that you will need to close everything that has no relation to what you are doing at this moment.  If you do not need the Internet for your job – then close it.
  3. Don’t open anything that can distract you.Think about whether you really want to spray your time and life on so many little things every day. Perhaps the choice to do what you really need fast will stop you.

When your time comes out, you can give yourself a few minutes to browse your favorite sites. This will be a reward for your hard work. When you need to focus – follow these skills and develop them.

Focus on the important things. First of all,  you need to explore new country, learn new things, experience new culture and make new friends.

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