How to avoid impulse shopping

Au Pairs live with host family with full  board accommodation and are able to go to American college for free and also earn money.

Some Au Pairs are looking to save money for college, a car or starting business when they come home. So avoid impulsive purchases – this is the most insidious enemy of your frugality.

How to deal with an uncontrollable desire to waste money?

Put the cost in the amount of energy expended. Calculate how much money you earn per hour and the next time you want to buy something, count how many wasted hours of your life is the thing. If you do not mind the money, at least spare your time.

Be aware of your goals. Surely you have some major financial goal.

Plan your purchases. Follow the plan, rather than momentum. Such a little thing like a shopping list can significantly reduce your costs.

Set a rule of thirty days. Decide for yourself that the interval between your purchases must be at least thirty days. Of course, this rule does not apply to food and other necessities such as medicines, for example.
Outsmart your impulses. Bring as much cash as you plan to spend. Then even if you are want to buy another useless thing, you simply won’t be able to do it.

Ask questions. Before you buy something, ask yourself a question. Will this purchase improve your life? Be honest with yourself, and you can better control your budget, because impulsive buying is wasteful .

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