Family vacation with an Au Pair.

Au Pairs get two weeks of paid vacation during their Au Pair program year in America. Au Pairs and host families can go on vacation together or separately- it depends on the relationships and agreements they made.

Many Au Pairs want to go together with their host families on vacation. They are looking forward to traveling with their host parents and children and want to be part of the family.

There are several vacation scenarios. The host families can invite their Au Pairs as a guest or as a caregiver and pay all expenses.

Vacations are one of those times when it is important to be clear about who is working and who is vacationing, and when.  Often the host family invites their Au Pair as a guest to show their appreciation for her hard work and to have fun doing things together as a family, bonding and creating memories.

Another scenario is asking the Au Pair  to work during family vacation time- that is when family takes the Au Pair, but she is working and not using her vacation time.  She works up to 45 hours a week, has her own room and she gets paid.

If the host family wants the Au Pair to work on family vacation, it is better to discuss arrangements and all of the family expectations to the Au Pair before the vacation.  The family needs to discuss how much the Au Pair will be expected to work, and when the family expects to need her to be on duty. The host family also needs to find ways to give the Au Pair some time for herself.

If the family brings their Au Pair along, the family will have a built-in babysitter,  so host parents can have extra pair of helping  and trusted hands when they need them most and also can have some special time alone together.

Here are some reasons Why You May Want to Bring a Babysitter on Vacation with You

Family vacation with an Au Pair may be one of the best and most memorable experiences you ever have!

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  1. tony
    Dec 27, 2012 @ 11:24:38

    Looks they had a blast. We ran into a host family at The Edgewater Resort and Waterpark in Duluth, MN. Their Au Pairs had never been to a waterpark and found it the most incredible thing that they could play in a wave pool in December in Minnesota.


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