Au Pairs international Dinner in Bucks County, PA

The essential benefits of the Au Pair program are meeting new friends from around the world and exploring different cultures.

On September 29, 2012  Go Au Pair”s cluster met for an International Pot-Luck Dinner in Bucks County, PA.  There were eight Au Pairs and one host family.

Several au pairs just joined the cluster. Everyone had a great time and made new friends.

Everyone brought a dish and explained the eating customs of their countries.

Au Pairs introduced their dishes and then we had dinner together. We learned a lot and had fun.

Au Pairs tasted dishes from South Africa, Ecuador, China, Ukraine, Colombia and Salvador. Most of the names of the dishes were new for me. I had never tasted them before.  Some dishes tasted different, but they were  yummy and delicious.

Go Au Pair International Dinner was truly fun and mix of cultures, cuisines and excitement.  The International Dinner helped open up our eyes to new things and we had an opportunity to to learn more about many cultures that are completely different from our own.


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