7 common myths about Au Pairs.

I am pleased to introduce a new guest blogger for Go Au Pair‘s blog  Serena Grant, who will share common myths about Au Pairs.

There a lot of misconceptions associated with au pairs. These range from assuming that au pairs are on a similar footing as nannies in terms of their responsibilities, and also includes the myth that au pairs are expensive, and out of the range of most families. These, and other myths, overlook the fact that au pairs are 18 to  26 years old young people that participate in a cultural exchange with a family, whereby they provide light help around the house and with childcare for bed, board, and a small allowance. More on au pair misconceptions can be found below:

1 – Au Pairs Are Expensive

Au pairs are not paid a salary in the same way as a nanny, but instead receive their bed and board, and pocket money to cover expenses.  Au Pairs can actually be cheaper than daycare or nanny.

2 – Au Pairs Don’t Work Weekends

This is another myth – au pairs have to follow the family schedule, so they may work on weekends. Au Pairs have full weekend off each month,  but they can work three other weekends.

3 – Support is Not Available

Support is available from au pair agencies, which covers everything from selecting the right au pair, through to helping in the event of personal problems and disputes.

4 – Au Pairs Are Always Women

There are many male au pairs that work in a similar capacity to female au pairs. Male au pairs typically help out around the house and with children, and can also act as role models for boys in the family.

5- Au Pairs Will Have Poor English Skills

Au pairs are expected to have good conversational English skills before they begin work with a family. Indeed, most au pairs are staying in a country to improve their English through language schools, and should be able to help children with their languages.

6 – Au Pairs Will Be in the House Too Much

Many families fear that having an au pair in the house will mean that they’ll lose their privacy, or that the au pair will take up too much personal space. In most cases, an au pair gains a social network outside of the house, and is often away during their personal days visiting friends.

7- Au Pairs Won’t Handle Extra Tasks Around the House

As  family members,  au pairs choose to take on extra tasks. This might include helping out with dishes or cooking Dinner for entire family some times, but not being asked to do heavier duty work alone.

Author Bio
Serena Grant is currently a nanny in the UK, looking into au pair programs around the world. A keen and regular blogger, Serena is a fan of childcare and supporting others where needed.

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  1. Richel
    Dec 25, 2012 @ 03:52:41

    Great work! That is the type of info that are meant to be shared across the web. Thank you =)


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