My new friend Au Pair Sis.

How many friends do you have on Facebook? 50, 100 or 1000? Many of them you might have never even met. How many Au Pair friends do you have there ?

And how many sisters do you have?  I have  the only brother, but always dreamed about having a sister. The  Sis with whom I can share my thoughts and have a good time together.

Now, thank to Go Au Pair, I have Aupairsis, my new friend on Facebook. The Sis I can learn from,  ask the question, share my photos and have fun together.

My new Sis will help me and give advice if I need one. I can also participate in many interesting activities and have fun with other Au Pairs- my Sis’ friends.  She will coordinate book clubs and fitness challenges, help with craft and game ideas. I love cooking and my new Sis will  post recipes from around the words. Aupairsis can answer all my questions and I can even ask  her privately.

How many real good friends do you have? It is usually easy to count; in general a person has between 18 and 30 friends.

Do you know how many friends has an average user on Facebook? An average user has about 200 or more friends. It is almost impossible to have so many friends in real life, right?

But it is possible to make a new friend, the Au Pair Sister on Facebook. I did! It was very easy, the Aupairsis accepted my request right away and now we are friends on Facebook .

You can have the Sis too 🙂 She is a big help. You cam learn a lot from her and have fun together with her and her hundreds friends.

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