Au Pair Holiday Party.

This year we will have a huge Christmas celebration for Au Pairs in Bucks County, PA:  a gift exchange party, Zumba party, and then we will explore Christmas Village together!

Shady brook

What is a Christmas party without gifts and dance?

There will be a lot of gifts and dance and I, a Local Are Representative(LAR) for Go Au pair,  will host a gift exchange and dance parties.

To experience a typical American tradition we will play Yankee Swap during  a gift exchange party and Au Pairs social hours. Au Pairs will  have the choice to either keep their gifts or swap it with anyone else.  So, everyone will go home with a gift they are happy with.Au Pair zumba party

Fun Zumba Dance party is a next part of Christmas celebration that I know many Au Pairs are looking forward to.  I will host Maria, a certified Zumba instructor from City Beats Fitness, who  promised to make our Christmas dance party an exhilarating and fun experience.

Exploring Peddler’s Village at Lahaska, PA will definitely bring an unforgettable experience and mem
ories. It is an amazing place with live entertainment, shops, restaurants. The village is beautifully decorated for Christmas.


Video and photos from Go Au Pair Christmas party are follows.Au Pairs Christmas partyau pair tea party

100_1003100_1031Au Pairs at Peddlers village

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