Keep your Au Pair happy.

Erin, Go Au Pair blog's guest

Erin Owen, Mom of 2 boys, Author, Speaker, and an Eastern-Inspired Performance Breakthrough Coach started a series of posts ” How to be a parent and a professional without losing your mind” on  Go Au Pair’s blog. Today Erin will talk about how to keep your Au Pair happy, so you both can get more out of life!

When life is so full, and you feel like you’re barely keeping it together, it can be hard to remember your bigger dreams and vision. Each one of us dreams of having time to do what we love.Erin, Coach at YourPerformanceBreakthroug

The same goes for your childcare provider- Au Pair.

One of the greatest gifts to you and your aupair this holiday season can be to learn more about her dreams and strengths.

Not only does this say loud and clear: “you are important and I want to know more about you”…

…but also, it gives you important insight into what she wants out of life, what she wants to learn, what she likes to do, and ways in which she hopes to grow and develop as a whole person.

It also helps you better understand what you can invite her to help out with  in a way that makes her smile and frees you up to do more of what you love.happy-au-pair

Just as it’s much easier to swim with the current, so too is it easier to delegate to someone who genuinely wants to learn more about and do what you’re asking her to do.

importantHere are a few questions you can ask your Au Pair:

  • What are her longer-term hopes and dreams?
  • What does she enjoy doing?
  • What does she want to learn more about?
  • What activities would give her the chance to share a new skill or something fun and interesting with your child/ren?

“You are important and I want to know more about you”

Learn more about your Au Pair dreams and strengths. Make her smile to do more of what she loves. Keep your Au Pair happy!

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