Amazing Experience with Go Au Pair.

Being an Au-Pair has been a very Productive experience for me. I’m on my second year now. In August of 2011 was the time when I thought I was getting away from my comfort zone when I left South Africa. I was scared and didn’t know what life would be like on the other side of the world. But then I found myself experiencing things that I’ve never experienced before, I found myself doing things I’ve never done before.
I found myself making decisions without having to consult my mom or sister to make sure it’s the right decision. Wait… I finally found myself. That’s called being Independent. It took me being away from what I thought was my comfort zone to actually realize that the comfort zone is within myself.


In other words this is the experience that every young woman deserves to have. Having to travel to amazing places, making friends from all over the world, learning different cultures and different types of food, I’m talking Brazilian, Russian, Colombian, German, Canadian, Chinese. the list goes on. But the most important thing is the joy that you bring to Your host family by taking care of their precious children.Phila party 002
The trust and respect that you get from the Kids and parents, it all shows that you do not need to be a mom or a dad to feel like a parent, which is an amazing experience. I don’t go a day without having my host-kids telling me how much they love me. We tell each other that every day.Au Pair Phila with her host child
I strongly believe that the influence you have on the kids stay part of them for the rest of their lives. I try by all means to stay positive, show them love and respect for themselves and other people. And I am happy to say that I get the same kind of treatment from the entire family. I’ve been happy ever since I came here 17 months ago. I will forever cherish this experience.
When I’m not working I get together with friends and have lots of fun. We also have parties with other Au-Pairs almost monthly which are always fun.
I want to give thanks to our LAR Polina, she is the best. And to all the host parents who are giving us (Au-Pairs) the chance to experience different cultures.New year Au Pair
Last but not least, a special thanks goes to all the Au-Pairs that are sending a positive message out to the nation, because what you teach to a child today will be revealed to the nation when they grow up. So let’s keep showing them love, respect and a true meaning of happiness and also learn some things from them.
If we do that correctly, I believe that the world could become a better place.


Phila, the Au Pair from South Africa.

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  1. Nicole
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 06:15:31

    Phila, that’s beautiful! We love you! – Nicole (your host mom 🙂


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