What are the best countries to search for an Au Pair?

Go Au Pair currently has over 300 Au Pairs available from over 60 different countries. Because of the variety, some host families want to narrow down the choice of countries.

It is obvious that nobody can predict an Au Pair’s personality based upon his/her country of origin.  Many host families are open minded about where the Au Pair is from and mostly concentrate on the qualification of the candidates.

It can be helpful to speak to Go Au Pair’s Placement Coordinator, when trying to figure out the country from which candidates might be the best fit for the family’s childcare needs. Go Au Pair agency keeps statistics of the percentage of au pairs from each country who drive, who are under two qualified, who are college graduates and who obtain visas.

Some countries are more popular than others among the host families. Some families would like their Au Pair to speak particular language.  Today more and more families hire an Au Pair from China.

In Go Au Pair Philadelphia and NJ cluster, there are Au Pairs from many countries throughout the world-  from Brazil, China, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Ukraine, South Africa, El Salvador, and Ecuador.

Today, the largest group of au pairs are available from Eastern Europe and Asia. Thailand is a good example -many college educated young women desire to spend a year in America before they settle into their careers.

Read more about what  the best countries to search for an Au Pair are:

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