April is the Month of the Military Child.

Do you know that approximately 1.9 million military children  from newborn to 18 years old live the US?  And half of our military children have Active Duty parents, and approximately 225,000 have a parent who is currently deployed.

Military kids face challenges and changes more that other kids.  They often attend multiple schools, leaving old friends and making new friends repeatedly.  Sometimes they need to move mid-school year.  Their parents coming and going and they don’t know what happens tomorrow. It is a lot of stress, especially for a young child or teenager.

“At any moment, mom or dad could be deployed or the family could be relocated.  It is essential that a child care provider be flexible and able to keep the family connected through activities such as video conferencing or Skype in addition to traditional child care”  said  Andrea Kakuk in her Press Release Go Au Pair Supports Troops With an Army of “CARE GIVERS”


Live-in Au Pair Child Care in particular tremendously benefit military families. When a military family member deploys, it can be a rough transition for a whole family.  The Au Pair will relocate with the host family and  helps make the transition to a “new” life easier. She will help kids cope with stress.

As a part of the family, Au Pair is aware of the kids’ feelings, supporting and encouraging them. The Au Pair spend comforting quality time with children and play together. Having an additional adult in the home provides extra support, particularly for military families.  Military parents can serve the country knowing that their kids are at home with a qualified, trusted “family member”.

“Go Au Pair supports troops with an army of “care givers‘ and offers an exclusive $250 discount off the program fee to military families.

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  1. Leading Au Pairs from selectaupairs
    May 03, 2013 @ 08:48:52

    Really,Its very nice period for a the people and organizations that care about children to take some time to learn more about these special kids.


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