Review of the Go Au Pair agency

Today, for the first time, I posted the review from a  relatively new host family from NJ, who has been with Go Au Pair for 6 months. It is always interesting to know what a family thinks and appreciates about the Au Pair program and Go Au Pair agency.

People are a lot more likely to write a review if something is wrong or if there are complains. Sometimes we make wrong choices as new consumers,  have different expectations, and have different personalities that may not go together well.

This  family had a rematch experience at the beginning and became a fan of the Au Pair program soon after matching with new Au Pair . With Go Au Pair’s help, the family was able to find another candidate that suited the family better. The whole family and Au Pair are happy, and 4-year-old boy feels like he has two moms already. 🙂

Thank you to the host family from NJ, who kindly allowed me to share their review on with my readers.

Hello from New Jersey. My name is Alec. I have so many titles: Go Au Pair client, Host Family parent, Father and now Au-Pair fan. It is our first experience with the au-pair program and we already have a such rich experience. Why? We are lucky that my simple web search for the agency ended-up with Go  Au Pair, because a quality of the service is tested in challenging situations. Isn’t it? I have to say that our first choice of au-pair did not work for us very well. We saw that the young lady was not a good fit for our family and we decided to terminate our contract with her after 1 month.

Then Go Au Pair agency ( Amanda and team) worked out all details very professionally. After 10 days the girl has found a new family and we started our search again. In the beginning, we thought that information in the GoAupair databank is “too-much”, but eventually, psychological profiles of our two best candidates helped us to make a final choice and we do not regret at all. Go Au Pair Logo

Thank you Amanda and GoAupair!
Our local area representative Polina skillfully helps us in every aspect of au-pair business in real situations, providing us every detail about the specifics of the program. She simply consults us on how to “tune” for the best our cooperation and living together with the young person who comes to America. Polina is excellent mediator between host family and au-pair, she helps both to find a better understanding and resolve minor “inconveniences”.

Thank you Polina!



Now, a little bit about our au-pair- Rae from South Africa. When we have been checking papers, interviewing and communicating over Skype, we thought about the saying “too good to be true” all the time. After four months of Rae’s arrival, we say “it is true”. Rae is a senior sister to our 4 years old son, she is personal driver, she is his personal tutor and most important – Friend. My wife could not believe, that our son said to somebody that he has two moms, embarrassing our 19 years old au-pair. ( lol)

Thank you Rae, very much! We are good team and family together!
In conclusion, my wife and I are happy “campers” with the program in general and in details. Yes, there are difficulties and challenges, but close team work between family, agency, local representative and au-pair generates excellent synergy and fun. One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood. ( Seneca)family rules

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Select Au Pair
    Jun 14, 2013 @ 03:40:42

    We always feel proud when we get a good review from the host family about the work in which we are working very hard for the best result. It is pleasing to know that you are getting good reviews from the host family. Lastly, I like that “Family Rules” chart.


  2. Jenifer Waller
    Jun 16, 2013 @ 10:41:23

    We loved having an au pair for the last 4 years because of the flexibility and intimacy it offers compared to babysitters and nannies. My job sometimes requires me to work evenings and travel. I like the fact that there is someone other than myself and my husband that knows the children so well as individuals and is familiar with the rhythm of the family. Also, we love learning first hand about other countries and cultures as well as sharing our own country and culture with someone new. I believe we learn more about ourselves and our culture by seeing it through the lens of someone unfamiliar with it.


  3. Leonardo Graves
    Jun 18, 2013 @ 07:17:33

    We have been a host family to eight au pairs from around the world. We started the program in 1999. The program has been very successful for us and we plan to continue in that success. Our current au pair is in her second year with us and we adore her. We live in Long Island in a modest home with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Both my husband and I work in New York City. We have a very busy lifestyle in the office and at home. Our children, aged 16, 13 and 7, have many friends in the neighbourhood. Our eldest doesn’t really need supervision. We also have three dogs.


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