Ophelia’s first Au Pair meeting in Philadelphia.

New Au Pair from China Ophelia joined Go Au Pair in Philadelphia last week. It was a busy and exciting week for Ophelia. She attended the NY Introductory Workshop for three days, where she met the Au Pair Sis and many friends. Then she met her lovely host family Joe, Sophie and a little Theo. Ophelia loves her host family so much that she nominated her new family for Go Au Pair Host Family in Excellence Award (Host Family of the Year)  right away. WOW!

On Saturday Ophelia met the  Au Pairs in the Masonic Temple meeting and made a lot of friends. Please read about Ophelia’s first Au Pair meeting in Philadelphia.Au Paiirs goaupair

Hi, my name is Ophelia, I am an Au Pair from China. On July 13th, the third day I have been in Philadelphia, I joined my first Au  pair meeting in Masonic Temple! I met many new au pair friends there, it’s very awesome, I would like to share my experience with you.


As I live in center city of Philadelphia, Masonic Temple is not very far from my home, just 20 minutes by walk. But my host father Joe was afraid that I may lost, so he took me there, he is so nice!

Au Pairs at the Masonic Temple

When I got there, I met Polina my LAR for the first time, before this we have emailed each other for several time, it’s so nice to see her in person! Polina introduced many new Au pairs to me, then I knew Adriana a Chinese au pair from my hometown, also Monica, Annie, Wam and some other new friends. We visited the Masonic Temple together. Even through I couldn’t understand the guide’s explanation, being there with friends still have a lot of fun! And Monica is so nice, she tried her best to help me understand the guide’s explanation.Au Pairs in the restaurant

After exploring the center City of Philadelphia, we went to Applebee’s together to have our lunch. During our lunch, we talked a lot about Au pair’s life. Marielos shared her story with us, helped us to understand how to be a competent Au pair. I really appreciate that.

And I knew that, all my friends love sushi, I will cook sushi for them when the International Pot-Luck Dinner activity is hold.

I was so help to be there with my new friends, these girls and Polina are so nice, I love them!

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