Join us for a Family Day Conference.

This year we are going to Grounds for Sculpture  for a Family Day Conference on October 13, 2013. 

A portion one sculpture

A portion one sculpture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grounds for Sculpture is located at 18 Fairgrounds Road, Hamilton, New Jersey 08619. We explore this park every year and it became a favorite place for my Au Pairs and Host Families to visit.  Attending the Family Day Conference is valuable and  fun experience. Host Families and Au Pairs leave the event with unforgettable memories.

Sculpture in park Grounds for Sculpture

When Host Families,  Au Pairs and a Local Area Representative from Go Au Pair agency meet for a Family Day Conference they have an opportunity to meet other Host Families and Au Pairs in the area, share their experiences and get to know the Local Area Representative better. The Family Day Conference gives parents and children the chance to meet and interact with Au Pairs from other countries – there are Brazilian Au PairsChinese Au PairsColombian Au PairsSalvadorian Au PairsEcuadorian Au PairsPanamanian Au PairsSouth African Au Pairs, Cameroonian Au Pairs in my cluster.

Ground for Sculpture1

It is fun and enjoyable experience and chance to meet new friends. I like  the Family Day Conference  because the social atmosphere is very relaxed and everybody is so open and fun to be with. In addition, it is an opportunity to gain cultural and social experiences and make new friends from different cultures.
Ground for Sculpture
The Family Day Conference is required by the Department of State and Host Families are obligated to attend at least one while hosting an Au Pair. It is also a favorite activity:  Au Pairs, host families and the  kids have lots of fun while making lasting friendships and unforgettable memories.
Grounds For sculpture 048
 The prospective Host Families are welcome to join. Au Pairs from Go Au Pair and their friends, Au Pairs from other agencies are welcome too!  Please check  other our activities. I hope you are able to join us.
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