Travels in Atlantic City with the Au Pair Adriana.

Ophelia’s Diary.

One of the benefits of being an Au Pair is that we have a lot of vacations. Go Au Pair even provides a Bed & Breakfast program for Au Pairs when they travel in the States. Our agency Go Au Pair is so nice.

Au Pair Atlantic City

In the middle of September, my friend Au Pair Adriana and I went to Atlantic City together. This was my second time went there, I showed Adriana around just like I was a tour guide.

 two Au Pairs

The beach there was nice. It reminded me of the beach in my country.  But the seagulls in China would never be so naughty!

Au Pairs NJ

Do you know what these birds did? They stole my cake! Well, on the other hand, I was somewhat happy about this. Even birds liked the cake I made.

We saw the Miss America parade later. This year’s theme was shoes. There was a giant silver shoe with glitter. It looked just like Cinderella’s crystal shoe.  It was magical.

Au Pair in Atlantic City

After the parade, Adriana and I went to the casino. Casinos are illegal in China, but in China some game rooms look just like mini casinos. The difference is people will lose more money in casinos. It’s good for us to explore the new places here. I may go to Las Vegas sometime, but I don’t like gambling.

AuPairs NJ

Young hearts will never stop the pace of traveling, Adriana and I will go to explore more places together!

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