Au Pair ‘s preparation to the arrival.

Adjusting to a new culture and new life can be difficult for many Au Pairs.  A new Au Pair from Colombia, Monica adjusted to Au Pair life in the USA very quickly. Recently Monica shared on Go Au Pair blog her experience of preparing for her Au Pair journey.

Monica, who is the Au Pair in Philadelphia, said that it is very important to research the area and find a lot of interesting places to visit. Monica also watched many of the Au Pair Experiences videos before her arrival to the US.Au Pair Philadelphia Monica

When she was in Colombia, Monica asked her Host Family to send her a lot of pictures of their family, their home and the area. When Monica arrived to the US, she said that she already felt at home.


I also invited Monica to join Go Au Pair Philadelphia closed cluster group on Facebook before her arrival. Monica made many friends with the Au Pairs from the Philadelphia and NJ cluster, Janine Au Pair Sis on Facebook  even before she came.

Monica also was able to read the information in Au Pair library and see the cluster activities on this blog. She learned from the other Au Pairs in the area, and she knew what to expect.

Au Pairs meeting at Bryn Athym 010

When she came to the US,  Monica spent several days at the Go Au Pair Introductory Workshop in NY and met Janine Au Pair Sis and other Au Pairs. She met her family and her Facebook friends.

Monica adjusted to life in the USA fast.  It was much easier because Monica prepared herself for her journey.

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